Hello Flower!

This plant is a gift from my neighbour Redbabe who brought it back after one of our stays in Ruby's Resort at Cherating. I reckon I don't have her green fingers for these flowering plants as it only flowered after 9 months.

Woke up this morning and there we have a pretty white flower on my study table beside my window. And its a pretty reminder of my good times at Ruby's Resort where this plant grows abundantly and pretty much flowering none stop. Just in case you don't know, Ruby's Resort is my second home. An awesome no frills resorts in Cherating that I head in rather often to chill with my buddies and our furkids. Furkids as in what some call dogs.
a rather quiet and almost private beach making it the perfect place to chill
furkids playing choo choo train in the sea
Well its only one flower and I see lots of buds about to bloom too. Its gonna be a pretty sight in my home which has more greeneries than any flowering plants since flowering ones were never my forte:D
there's plenty of this white flower blooming all over Ruby's Resort
And I wonder when will this baby bloom again...9 more months?