My Teochew Affair

The only teochew food that I know has been Teochew porridge, Teochew steamed fish and the yam dessert Ornee. A lovely dining experience at Zuan Yuan - a pork free restaurant in One World Hotel introduced me to many more Teochew yummies.

After my previous dining experience of dumplings and Hong Kong dishes at Zuan Yuan, I am certainly looking forward to be amazed by Chef Michael's culinary skills. Rather hungry I couldn't wait to start in dinner but was asked to savour and enjoy my cup of tea first. Certainly every reason to enjoy my cup of tea as Zuan Yuan carries a rather good selection of chinese tea.
The first dish arrives in what I normally describe as Yin & Yang. The Duo Combination Teochew Style Steamed & Fried Fen Guo are dumplings stuffed with water chestnut, dried shrimp, carrots, mushrooms, peanuts & chives. A bite of the steamed feels a little like the Hokkien Char Kueh.
I personally prefer the steamed fen guo with its smooth translucent skin.

A delicious and wholesome bite of flavourful vegetables.
The fried version.
I gave the second course of Braised Shark's Fin with Crab Claw and Scallop a miss as I've stopped eating shark's fin. This dish came with a small portion of lightly blanched bean sprouts which was crunchy and refreshing. I passed Xiang my bowl of soup and this boy happily drank it all.
Add the bean sprouts into the soup for extra bite and flavour.
The Deep Fried Teochew Shi Liu Guo is such a pretty dish. It arrived like a petite golden bag. A clever play of bean curd skin with a filling of mince meat, water chestnut, coriander and mushrooms, this dish went well with the sour plum sauce that was served on the side.
My favourite dish for the night was definitely the Steamed Leather jacket Fish with Garlic, Ginger & Teochew Sauce. Steamed just right, the fish was tender and juicy. Lightly spicy with finely chopped garlic and ginger and a little bit of cili padi (bird's eye chilli), I ate every morsel of the dish (leaving the plate almost clean).
I wasn't sure what was olive vegetable all about. The only olive I knew was the olives we ate and also olive oil. Whatever it is, the Fried Rice with Olive Vegetable was absolutely yummy. Fluffy rice with egg, broccoli stem, pickled olive vegetables and minced chicken, this is a must have if you're a rice lover. is a link of the preserved olive vegetables that you may find at the supermarket shelves.

The Braised Rice Noodle with Assorted Seafood did look a little like Cantonese Fried Rice Noodles. A delightful assortment of seafood including dried sole fish, fish and prawn in an egg based sauce, this is very appetising.
I am all too glad that dessert was one of my fave chinese dessert Ornee or Sweetened Yam Paste. Traditionally this is a very rich and sweet dessert with lard. Chef Michael made it light, creamy with a very refreshing citrus syrup. Pumpkin and soft gingko biloba add colour to this purplish dish and gave it a slightly nutty taste too.
Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant
One World Hotel
+603 7681 1159
We've decided to check out yet another Chinese wine after an awesome experience with Poon Choi. At 60% alcohol, this tasted a little like Japanese Sake and is quite lovely when drank hot. Obviously there weren't many drinkers that night and I am wondering how it would taste if I used it to make the Italian Winter Chocolate cocktail that I love so much...
our chinese wine experiment with a good chinese dinner
Chef Michael