North Indian Delicacies at Trishna

I walked in through a magical runnel of lights. A little mesmerized by the colourful lights...I was greeted by Trishna's owner Benny with his cheery smile (and laughter). This I told myself was a sign that we're going to enjoy our meal.

a lesson in colours!
We quickly settle down and Benny says he has a story to tell us. He shares the love story behind Trishna. North Indian cuisine with a love story to it? That's the story behind Trishna. A man and his love for food. The same man and his wife of 28 years brings us wholesome North Indian cuisine using only the best ingredients possible. Yes as good as those serve in the home!

And when the food arrives, I know what he meant.

We enjoyed some seriously good Papadam with some Mint Chutney. The papadam were crisp and most importantly not oily!'ll also notice that the papadam at Trishna has lots of jeera seeds (cumin) in it. And this adds a distinctive aroma to this yummy snack. The addional crisp is also because the papadam here is made of lentil and rice flour unlike many places that buy the commercial ones made of only rice flour.
see the jeera seeds? note the texture too!
Lassi. We tried all 3 variants that they had. If you're not a lassi or yogurt lover, then the mango will be perfect for you. Absolutely flavourful and sweet as only ripe mangoes are used, its quite appetising and a great introduction to folks to pick up a liking for yogurt or lassi (hubby progressed from mango lassi to plain yogurt now:P)
There is also the sweet lassi. However my personal favourite was the salty lassi which was unique because it had grinded jeera seeds in it. Spicy and salty in a cold glass of lassi. Heavenly!
More yogurt action...and a good dish for yogurt newbies is the Murgh Malai Tikka (Chicken blended with yoghurt and roasted cashew nut in Tandoor). This is a very appetising dish. The yogurt taste is mild with a balanced blend of spices including cumin, coriander, pepper, garlic and some other magic ingredients including cheese.
Amritsari Fish [Fish spiced with fresh herbs from land of Punjab] is a must have for fish lovers. Fish fillet is marinated with Punjabi herbs with some added lemon for that extra zing. Lightly spicy with and tangy on the outside, the inside of this dish is light and juicy.
I've not had good kebabs for the longest time. And I wasn't too sure of what to expect of the Hara Bhara Kebab which was a vegetarian kebab. I took a bite and quickly couldn't put my fork down. These scrumptious patties made with spinach, peas and potatoes were good to eat on its own. And when I ate them with the pickled onions these Hara Bhara Kebab, it had more bite and definitely even more flavourful.
3 dishes in my tummy and I couldn't wait to try the mains. However, since I was recovering from a stomach bug, Benny suggested that I give the Jal Jeera drink a try. Actually Benny was having this drink from the time we arrived. This refreshing and slightly salty drink was lovely. It had mint, lime and of course some jeera or cumin in it. I loved it and happily finished my own glass before "inheriting" hubby's and my other makan buddies' glasses. If you love the salty lassi, this is probably your cup of tea too:P
Our mains were served with Naans and Rice.
We had 3 choices of breads. All of us that night had different preferences. Some liked the garlic naan while others liked the plain naan as they could taste the gravies from the main dishes better (their opinionlah). And of course some preferred the tandoor roti.
And how can one not have rice with curries? The Jeera Rice arrived in petite bowls. The aromatic basmati rice was made even more delectable with the cumin. And for a none rice person like me, I had my whole bowl of the Jeera rice on my own ~ no sharing allowed nor required!
The Saag Paneer (Spinach with cottage) is a classic North Indian dish. A lovely green spinach with lots of paneer (cottage cheese) thrown in, this dish is a comfort dish for me. Creamy and spicy. Awesome!
generous amount of paneer
Eating vegetables the North Indian way is really quite easy even if you hate ladies fingers. The Bhindi Masala (Lady’s fingers masala) was not slimy and was delectably fragrant with the masala spices (no green taste at all).
The Goan Fish Curry (Fish in coconut milk flavor) was rather popular with most of the buddies. Can't say much as I am not a fan of coconut milk.
fish hidden under a pool of rich coconut gravy
My fave main for the night is the Muhon Rogan Josh (Lamb with spice). Aromatic gravy with tender lamb, this Kashimiri dish is seriously not hot at all. Its merely spicy and looks potent perhaps because of the red pepper being used.
Kadai Chicken (Tender roasted chicken with capsicum and onion with special spice) is a chicken curry doesn't come with much gravy. Whatever gravy you see and get basically coats the chicken fillet.
And if you think you need lots of gravy, then the Dhal Tadka here is a must order. Rich and creamy with lentils, this dhal is rather addictive. One either soaks the breads totally in the dhal till its soggy (banjir style) or scoop spoons and spoons of it into your rice making it something like a rice stew. Or in my case...I was eating the dhal neat like it was some thick stew.
They save one saves the best for last. And one unique dish for me was the Stuffed Tangdi Kebab. The chicken drumstick had generous portions of stuffed mutton in it making it like a a chicken drumstick taken from a fat chicken. I love the way the mutton and chicken complimented each other which I suspect is because of the clever play of spices on both the chicken and mutton. It was a very savoury dish and was brilliant when eaten with the plain naan.
succulent chicken and flavourful minced mutton
Not much of a sweet tooth myself, I gave the desserts a small mouthful to just experience the North Indian dessserts.

The Gajar Halwa is a carrot pudding made of carrots, milk and spices. The carrots were not overly mushy and retained a little bit of bite. I have to say, this is quite an exotic way to eat carrots!
Gulab Jamun was rather cute. It looked like little balls floating in a shallow pool of syrup. Cut it into half and it reminded me a little a donut's inside. I did like this dessert quite a bit. There was something flavourful about the Gulab Jamun since its made of milk and flour ~ something like a rich milky donut (looks like a donut and certainly does taste like a donut too).
The Rasmalai has got to be a North Indian dessert I wouldn't mind ordering again. Made with paneer and fresh milk, it was a bit sweet for my personal preference (no sweet tooth), but it was absolutely flavourful and creamy. With the added pistachios, this is certainly a lip smacking dessert!
eat it with the pistachios for a brilliantly nutty and creamy experience
What is a North Indian meal without a masala tea? Plus the fact we were really quite stuffed with our dinner, a good hot cup of masala tea did wonders for our stomachs! And I learnt from the very cheerful Benny that masala tea is good for the soul too. Why? Apparently Trishna's masala tea is made specially for Malaysians. When one drinks their masala tea, one's masalah will go away (masalah in a Malay language word which means problems).
Drinking Trishna's masala tea will expel your masalah! That perhaps is Benny's secret to being so jovial!
So if you want to dine in comfort and have some good North Indian food cooked with quality spices and with a love story behind it, head do to:
Level B1, West Wing
73, Jalan Raja Chulan
50200 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2142 1575 / +6012 375 0412