Samsung Galaxy Note...Should I?

I have to admit that I see Samsung coming out with new products rather often (we're talking innovative ones). And to be fair, their products do look very attractive and seems to shout out "Buy Me".

Was just surfing around and saw a couple of videos of the Samsung Galaxy Note. Watch them...let me know what you think.

Its Christmas and I think its a good time to get a phone to replace my second line (hint hint hint). Let me know your thoughts whether its a Yes Get It or a Don't Bother At All.

Looks good
Its petite (something like me)
8MP with LED flash for taking pictures (more food pics on the go!)

5.3" WXGA screen (brilliant idea as my eyes fail me)
can sketch and scribble notes!
(brilliant when giving directions to the creative team and my GPS "subscribers")
Fits in pocket (hehehe...hubby can carry it for me)

I can edit my pictures on the go
Its so easy to crop images (awesome for blogging)
So what's your take? Based on the features, would a Samsung Galaxy Note be suitable for me?

Dear Santa,

I've been good this year. May I have this Samsung Galaxy Note as my early Christmas present?

I'll prepare cookies and milk (or whisky and apple pie) for you when you slide in through the chimney. Ooops, I don't have a chimney. I'll leave the windows open for you.

Your good girl,
And I just caught this today at 5:00pm. The first 100 buyers in Kuala Lumpur (Pavilion near Esprit) and the first 50 in AEON Tebrau Johor Bahru and Queensbay Mall Penang will get a Galaxy Note cover with Swarovski crystals. Ahem ...Santa where will you be getting mine from?