Share Your Travel Video!

You travel. What do you do? You walk, eat, shop, take pictures, videos and more. Head down to one of my fave travel and lifestyle website and share your video
Why share? Well...for one don't be selfishlah. Share your experience with others! if you share your travel video and win some fabulous Tune Hotel vouchers (so you can travel more!)

A simply simple contest:
  • Create a video between 1 to 3 minutes on interesting things about your city or any other city in the world.
  • Must include the image of “I ♥ Koolred & Tune Hotels” at the end of the video. Download image
  • Send your video link to friends and get as many votes via the button.
  • Open to Koolred community members aged 18 and above.

Contest Criteria:
• Open to Koolred members aged 18 and up
• Travel video of any destination between 1 -3 minutes only
• Must include the I ♥ Koolred & Tune Hotels image
So what makes a great travel video? A video on any destination in the world highlighting popular places to eat, places to go, things to do etc. The video must make a tourist want to visit that destination (and if makes you want to return to that pretty much have creamed it!) Here's some of my fave samples.

Azmi's local getaway to cool Cameron Highlands:
Ramesh's amazing trip to Dubai.
Now the contest is simply simple...hurry over and submit your video. Your videos will be judged by creativity and also the votes of Koolred members by clicking the ‘Kool’ button on the video they like.

Hurry...contest closes 17 November 2011. Log on to Koolred for more information and also to upload your video.

Hurry upload yours...I'm piecing my video to be uploaded:D