Carousel @ Palace of the Golden Horses

Carousel...the first thing that hit my mind was the awesome dizzy feeling from being on a carousel. This time I experienced eating at Carousel. Yes it left me dizzy. Dizzy with the good food and the huge selection. 
My first makan session at Carousel with the foodies was fun. The Carousel looked like a carousel. Fun and happy in an old fashion way. And since it was the Christmas season, even the horses were decorated with some Christmas cheer.
Food! Here's some of what I tasted and liked. 
fresh seafood
assorted cold cuts (and cheese:P)
and the variety goes on and on! *Burp*
local delights
quite a variety of breads to go with the soup!
I love the Thai Squid salad on the far top left!
The Poach Quennelle Of Salmon With Green Pea Puree And Red Onion Salsa is so delightful appetizing. Opted to include the Malaysian Chicken Salad and also the Blue Cheese Roesti Potatoes in this collage because I actually placed them together to be eaten on my plate. And strange as it may sound, they did actually compliment each other.
Again I placed this 3 together on the plate for my Round 2. Chargrilled Sirloin With Herbs Served With Butter Asparagus with Sauted Assorted Vegetables With Herbs And Almond Flecks and of course since I love blue cheese, I took more Blue Cheese Roesti Potatoes.
Awesome and yummy sweet desserts from our regular fares to Christmas specials including Christmas puddings and cookies.
Now...let me introduce you to my favourites of the night! These 4 dishes are so memorable that I am still thinking of them.

Say hello to humble roast chicken. Looks plain and is only a chicken. Yes I heard someone mumble that but this is a beautifully marinated and roasted chicken. The chicken is tender and flavourful and went well with the chestnut stuffing. 
The Panfried Duck Breast With Orange Butter And Caramelized Chestnut is definitely one of the best ducks I have had. Not overly salty but superbly tender and succulent with smoky flavours, it was a brilliant experience eating it on its own or with a little of the slightly tangy sauce on the the side. Awesome...had many many many slices of it and wished I could take some home to make sandwiches for breakfast.
Oven Roasted Lamb Rack Served With Tarragon Sauce And Vegetables Ratatouille was perfectly pink. Perfectly juicy. 
Looks dry? Mwahaha! Looks can be super deceiving!
Beef is baked to perfection.
Beef In Puff Pastry With Mushroom And Spinach was quite a highlight with many. Tender beef wrapped in a buttery rich pastry and creamy mushroom spinach mix, this was quite a meal on its own.
For folks who want some makan session with good photography spot, head over to Carousel and of course make the best of the Palace of the Golden Horses with its grand decors.
Palace of the Golden Horses
Jalan Kuda Emas
MINES Wellness City
43300 Sri Kembangan
T: 603 8946 4888
And here's what you can expect for the Christmas and New Year promotions: