I Love Yoo!

I Love Yoo! is a dream come true when one craves some good old fashion Chinese Crullers with a good bowl of tummy warming and hearty porridge. Or perhaps a bowl of warm soya milk.

Visited I Love Yoo! at One Utama recently before a dinner appointment. Truly old fashion with some good quality control at work never mind it has franchises springing around here there everwhere, this place is certainly worth the visit when you crave the chinese crullers with soya milk.  
In trouble...having this an hour before dinner:D
I have a weak spot for fresh crunchy Yau Cha Kwai (my literal translation would be ghost fried in oil!). Fluffy, crisp and lightly salted, I simply went gaga and basically could not avoid eating 3 pieces smack before dinner.
This place serves a wicked Dry Scallop Porridge. The porridge was sweet with the goodness of the scallops. It was brilliantly smooth and you could just slurp it spoon after spoon. Yes dip the Yau Cha Kwai into the porridge for some added crunch!
smooth porridge with lots of dried scallop
It is quite a good idea to serve the soya bean milk unsweetened. I love mine with brown sugar. The only downer is that the brown sugar just wasn't fragrant enough. But was good enough than many stalls  out there.
your choice of brown sugar or white sugar. properly labelled so no one adds soya sauce into their 
soya bean milk!
Hubster tried the Mix Bun. Apparently it passed with flying colours with its fluffy dough and sufficient glutinous rice on top.
The Butterfly Bun wasn't too bad though I think it could do with being crunchier. I love the fact that it was liberally doused with sesame seed unlike many stalls that I can almost count the seeds.
Too close to dinner and I was almost in trouble with not being able to eat my dinner properly. The game plan? To return soon to check out the tau foo far, oyster peanut porridge, sesame balls, sweet potato balls and yam balls. These are truly old fashion snacks. I love you I Love Yoo! 

Oh! This place is halal! Super good coz it means I can makan here with my Muslim buddies too!