Merry's your pressie!

Its Boxing Day. And this is the day when you unwrap your Christmas presents. And here's the 5 that I have unwrapped for you! I have 5 units of RM50 credit of FlexiRoam to be given to you. 
No fancy slogans needed. No need to tell me why you need it. Merely tell me you want it and its yours. Its all in the fun spirit of Christmas!

What is FlexiRoam? For only RM10 per day, FlexiRoam enables users to receive and make unlimited amount of calls to Malaysia without changing to a new international mobile number.

While you are overseas, calls made to your Malaysian mobile number will be forwarded by FlexiRoam to your foreign mobile SIM card which you can purchase locally at your destination country. This means Malaysian users do not need to inform their contacts of any new international mobile numbers. FlexiRoam’s service, which leverages on the GSM network instead of Internet connectivity (3G or WiFi), is currently available for travellers to 200 countries, including China, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and the UK. 

Note that for now this service is only available for voice, you won't be able to use SMS or data with this roaming service. 

Travellers can purchase FlexiRoam credits at KLIA and LCCT departure halls besides online payment facilities on FlexiRoam’s website. For corporate users and students studying abroad who are usually in a foreign for a long period of time, FlexiRoam provides customisable plans to suit their needs. 

Simple steps to follow if you want your FlexiRoam credit of RM50:
• Simply be the first 5 (five) to tell me that you want it
• Hop over to to sign up for free.
• Drop me a mail at 3 b i t t e r s w e e t l e m o n @ g m a i l . c o m with the email address & mobile number that you have signed up with. Then the folks at FlexiRoam will be able to credit RM50 into your account. 

Merry Christmas!