Meatilicious January @ Neroteca, The Somerset

2012 is round the corner. To usher in the Year of the Dragon, Neroteca is offering a range of Italian meat delights, with authentic flavors of lamb, pork and beef based cuisines. This is not just another Italian restaurant. Neroteca is a porky Italian restaurant. Cozy, tucked in the middle of KL city and serves pork...this place is already getting brownie points event before we taste the food.
love the decors
Meatilicous January is a savoury 7 course meal with wine pairing. Going at RM198++ its really quite a good deal:
Selection of cold cuts ~ Prosciutto di Parma, San Danielle, calabra piccente & mortadella
Prosecco di prosecco Conte Neri

Steak Tartare ~ Marinated Angus steak 
Prosecco Millesimato valdobbiadene

Pappardelle Neroteca ~ Pappardelle pasta with wild boar ragout
Majolica Muntepulciano

Stozzapretti Nduja ~ Handmade curl pasta cooked with rare salami 
Cabernet Sauvignon Louis Felipe

Main Course
Porchetta ~ Deboned suckling pig stuffed with sausage & capsicum
Valpolicella DOC Corte Giara
Sirloin Tagliata ~ Grilled sliced beef sirloin top with sautéed spinach & potatoes
Chianti Querceto
Grilled Lamb Rack ~ New Zealand lamb Rack served with garden salad & Balsamic reduction sauce
Costa di Nugola Syrah Toscana
While waiting for the guests to arrive we had a welcome drink of a delightful cocktail. Perfect for a Thursday afternoon that saw lots of sun and a thunderstorm.
The selection of cold cuts was delightful. Nothing overly salty and perfectly cured, every piece was a delightful bite. It was paired with Prosecco di prosecco Conte Neri. Light and sweet fruity notes, this  certainly is a right wine to start the meal. 
proscuitto san danielle is recognised by the marbling of fat making it more tender than
proscuitto di parma
Prosecco di prosecco Conte Neri
Steak tartare was my fave for the day as I have yet to find many places that actually serve it. A seemingly easy to make yet not that easy to make, I gladly watched Chef Lorance Abusang prepared it. Some chopping, some stirring and voila we have our Steak Tartare. Fear not as the beef is really not all that raw. The other ingredient added into the minced Angus sirloin beef actually "cooks" the meat.
juicy & flavourful steak tartare on crisp toasted bread
This invite came at the right time as I was craving for some pasta for lunch. And obviously with the crazy year end schedule, I actually had nothing to eat since I opened my eyes. And to be rewarded with my much craved pasta...I am happy girl.

Pappardelle Neroteca pasta with wild boar ragout was a comforting food. The pappardelle was of the perfect thickness and el dente. The wild boar remained succulent ~ achievable only when the wild boar is cooked slowly on low fire. 
The Stozzapretti Nduja seemed a little overcooked. The rare salami with the slightly spicy tomato base pretty much made it up for the pasta. Robust and hearty the way it should be.
The entrees were paired with Valpolicella DOC Corte Giara. A fruity and easy, it complimented the two tomato based pastas. 
Main was a trio of meat. 
The Porchetta ~ deboned suckling pig stuffed with sausage and capsicum. It was a bit too gamey for my personal liking. This I suspect is a personal preference as I am rather new to pork dishes (having on picked up pork dishes a couple of years ago).
Sirloin Tagliata was a beautiful piece of meat. Grilled to perfection, it was nicely charred outside while the centre remained juicy and pink. Perfect! These are the experts at work. And I wonder if they actual test the steaks with the Steak Finger Test?
The best of the trio would have been the Grilled Lamb Rack. An utterly succulent lamb was bursting juices and melt in your mouth goodness. Some may argue that restaurants should not go wrong with lamb. But seriously, I have met my fair share of terrible grilled lamb. 
The final wine was Costa di Nugola Syrah Toscana. This is yet another beautiful red. Rich and full bodied with clear berry flavours, it was a brilliant wine for the meats.
Initially I was hoping for desserts to be part of the menu but having experienced all the 7 dishes, I didn't have much room left. We were offered a a Limoncello before we left. This isn't part of the Meatilicious menu but it was a good end for our meal. A traditional Italian lemon liquer, it was the perfect after meal drink. It did look delicate. I drank is as soon as it arrived. Nicely chilled and cold, it does wonders to a tummy that is too full from good food.
If you like what I had or would like to experience what I just had, head by:
Ground Floor The Somerset
8 Lorong Ceylon
50250 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2070 0530

Photos taken with the Samsung NX200 and Samsung MV800