Merry Christmas

I had a fabulous Christmas dinner with my in laws and the troopers. Everything was homemade with lots of love. so it obviously meant it was super yummeh!

It was a feast but I supposed I was more into eating than taking any pictures. So here's just a few of what we ate.
Lamb that brother in law Eugene cooked
Beautiful turkey that sis in law Gloria roasted.
Lovely salad
Creamy rich mushroom soup made from scratch!
My troopers! Love these kids to bits. Haha...including my darling hubster who is still every bit a kid. And the furry one? That's my furkid Shalom who is the jewel of my eye.
Hubster and 4 troopers
The babies of the trooper team
Santa helpers for the night
Furkid Shalom who is 8 years old
And now I'm enjoying the awesome wind blowing through my apartment. Chilling by my study table as I write this post and enjoying my glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with some chocolate. Bliss. The simplicity of life in Carmel. 
This Chilean Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon is deep red. Not overly dry nor sweet, its rich fruity tones. is absolutely wonderful with the dark chocolates that I am nibbling:P
Oh! This is the scenery from my window. 
Merry Christmas folks!