Merry Guinness!

Merry Christmas. Merry Guinness.
This year I was one of the 150 invited guests including chefs from participating Merry GUINNESS® outlets nationwide to witness (and taste) the unveling of 8 delightful Guinness® infused recipes created by Australian Masterchef Adam Liaw. Each dish is bold and intense like a good glass of Guinness®. 

Here's the 8 awesome Guinness® infused dishes. And I'll be sharing the recipes over time.
Oysters with GUINNESS® Cream 
GUINNESS® and oysters is a match made in heaven, and this dish is all about creaminess and the contrast of temperatures – the cold creaminess of the oyster matched with the warm creaminess of the GUINNESS® cream. A little shot of tartness from the lemon juice ties it together and finish a sip of cold creamy GUINNESS®
Crispy Squid with GUINNESS® and Chili Salt
The sweet, spicy and malty GUINNESS® salt coating the squid has a rich and earthy flavour. Awesome finger food and definitely a brilliant snack with a cold glass of Guinness
Open GUINNESS® Lamb Shank and Mushroom Pie with Champ Fine
 This dish goes back to the Irish roots of GUINNESS®. GUINNESS® gives a smooth richness to the pie filling and works together with the earthy flavour and texture of the mushrooms. The pie is served with a smoother version of the classic Irish potato dish, champ.
Roasted Chicken with GUINNESS® Butter
A well-roasted chicken is one of life’s great pleasures. This dish emphasises the sweetness of malt and the “roastiness” of roasted barley flavours in GUINNESS®, which match well with the tender, buttery chicken and crispy skin.
Farmhouse Terrine with GUINNESS® Mustard
The simplicity of this chicken and egg terrine [tuh-reen] is complemented with beautifully aromatic mustard infused with a hint of GUINNESS®. The sweet GUINNESS® mustard contains aromas of malt, clove, nutmeg and pepper.
GUINNESS® BBQ Wings with Appleslaw
The sweet and smoky flavour of this GUINNESS® BBQ Sauce has hints of molasses, aniseed, orange and just a touch of hot chili. The spiciness of the sauce is offset by the cooling, crisp and creamy appleslaw.
Sweet GUINNESS® Damper with Maple and Blackberry Compote
Damper is a simple, crumbly Australian bread often made with beer. The addition of GUINNESS® and molasses gives this damper a rich maltiness, and a deep complexity of flavour that matches beautifully with the dark berry compote and creamy vanilla ice cream.
GUINNESS® and Fruit Christmas Puddings 
No dish speaks more of Christmas than a traditional Christmas pudding. Slow cooked for hours, the sugars in the pudding turn to dark caramel for a rich pudding that brings out the sweetness of GUINNESS®-infused fruits.

And the Christmas feast we had that Tuesday evening also included:
Gravax lax with dill honey mustard
Roast pumpkin soup with juliene smoked duck
Pumpkin seed bread
Roast turkey roulade with chestnut stuffing, giblet & cranberry sauce

Christmas pudding with vanilla sauce
Christmas minced pies
Black forest pudding with cream cheese frosting
It wasnt just the fun of tasting those dishes. Some lucky guests had their chance of assisting Adam in cooking too. Here's Kelly at it (check out Kelly's blog too...she seriously cooks too).
And check out the Guinness cocktails by Keith as well:D
Catch the Merry GUINNESS® Christmas parties that will feature a culinary feast which will include MasterChef Adam’s special Christmas dishes throughout the month of December.
• El Meson Spanish Restaurant & Tapas Bar - 13th December 2011
• Jarrod & Rawlins, AMPWALK, Ampang -15th December 2011
• Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar, Bangsar -17th December 2011
• Market Hall, Pavillion - 21st December 2011
• Souled Out, Ampang - 24th December 2011

Or head down to 2000 outlets nationwide participating in this Merry GUINNESS® celebrations with 85 outlets featuring selected GUINNESS®-infused recipes from MasterChef Adam’s Christmas menu. And in the spirit of Christmas of sharing and giving you can enjoy the following:
• Every purchase MasterChef Adam’s delectable cuisine at a participating outlet will entitle consumers to a pint of GUINNESS at a special festive discount of 50%.
• Consumers will also receive a limited edition stainless steel money clip when you purchase 6 pints or 1 bucket of GUINNESS at participating outlets nationwide. A perfect addition to your Christmas stockings this festive season!

For more information on Merry GUINNESS® this festive season, be sure to check it out on

Special thanx to foodie Choi Yen and photobug foodie Andrew for the food pics. And I love this the most that  Andrew took of me with hubster:D