My lunch with Martin Yan: Lemongrass Chicken over Rice Stick Noodles

Fancy something easy to cook, refreshing, healthy and yummy to eat? Try this simple Lemongrass Chicken over Rice Stick Noodles which I picked up from Chef Martin Yan couple of weeks back. The previous one that Martin cooked was Beef and Chicken Roll.

1 stalk Lemongrass (bottom 4-inches only finely minced)
1 tbsp Lee Kum Kee Selected Light Soy Sauce
1 tsp Cornstarch
¼ tsp Black Pepper

¾ lb boneless, skinless Chicken (cut into 1-inch cubes)
8 oz dried Rice Stick Noodles
1 tbsp Vegetable Oil
2 cloves Garlic (minced)
6 pcs fresh Red Jalapeno (seeded and shredded)
1 tps Sugar
2 tps Lee Kum Kee Chili Bean Sauce
¼ cup Chicken Stock
3 pcs Green Onions (shredded)
1 tbsp Fish Sauce
1 tbsp Fresh Lemon Juice
3 tbsp chopped Fresh Mint

1. Combine marinade ingredients in a bowl. Add chicken and stir to coat. Set aside
for 10 minutes.
2. In a large pot of boiling water, cook noodles until tender, about 3 minutes. Drain, rinse with cold water and drain again.
3. Place a stir-fry pan over high heat until hot. Add oil, swirling to coat sides. Add garlic,chilis, and sugar, stir about 15 seconds until garlic is fragrant and sugar begins to caramelize.
4. Add chicken and stir-fry until surface of chicken turns white, about 1 minute. Add stock, cover and cook until chicken is no longer pink in center, 3 to 4 minutes.
5. Add green onions, fish sauce, and lemon juice, cook for 30 seconds. Remove pan from heat and stir in mint. Ready to serve.