No Regrets High Fun Tea

Was at JW Marriots last weekend for high tea. Incase you're wondering what's with the No Regrets High Fun is high tea indeed but with a slight difference.
The said high tea session was specially organised by Pensonic for its fans who also enjoyed the popular 2010 Hong Kong Drama No Regrets. This drama was screened on Astro last year. Its now been showing again on Astro Zhi Zun HD (310) and Astro Wah Lai Toi (311). 
Fans were hosted over a yummy spread of high tea. No one left empty handed as everyone had a goodie bag to take home. And right from the time of signing in, the fun games began with more prizes to take home. 
Results for the Spot the Difference game...a test of our eye of details.
The highlight for most fans would have been the opportunity to be serenaded by the stars of No Regrets.  Nancy Wu, Pierre Ngo, Raymond Wong and Wayne Lai each sang (very well) a song from the drama series itself.
Emily Wu
Raymond Wong
Pierre Ngo
Wayne Lai
And for 4 lucky guests picked randomly, they have the opportunity to play a shooting game with the stars. It was a rather hilarious game with everyone trying their best at shooting the most balls within the given 10 seconds.
Gorgeous model / actress Emily Lim was one of the chosen guest.
Pensonic family, friends and some guest. Was told that the grand lady sitted in the middle is 90 years old! Wow...coz she was seriously alert and active. Amazing!
The cast with their gift ~ Pensonic Kelvin 310 light weight heated jacket
Food pics? Here they are...there was a lot more to eat but I basically took pics of what I could fit into my stomach as I came straight to No Regrets High Fun Tea after a lunch review. 
Love the chicken wings. I was full but could not resist these yummy juicy wings.

THANX for the invite Alan:D 
Pensonic face Alan Yun with Emily Lim