The Perfect Cut with Adrian Richardson

The perfect cut! I wasn't sure what to expect except I think I'll be treated to some good food especially when we're looking at an event at JW Marriots with meat aficionado Chef Adam Richardson who's amazing cooking has interesting influences from Italy, Middle East and North Africa.  
Indeed it was good food, picked up some cooking tips & awesome recipes (I'll get to the recipes posted ASAP) and thoroughly entertained by this clean cut chef who's been flown in by AMEX and Asian Food Channel (AFC) for 2 days for The Perfect Cut with Adrian Richardson for the second instalment of the successful Celebrity Chef Series.

Oh! do you know that this Australian chef actually spent some time in Penang? And his task as a child was to count the number of sticks of satay. Reckon that probably improved his mathematics:P

Right let's talk about food!

Adrian kicks of with Sauteed Calamari. A simple and quick to prepare dish, this is a very appetizing first dish. The use of chilli and garlic with a  of lemon gives this dish a refreshing citrus flavour. It is a little similar with our chinese stir fry of spinach. And I learnt that that squid which are fresh will be translucent. 
The second dish of Lamb and Spinach Filo Pie with Labne is a petite parcel sitting on a bed of labne (a kind of yogurt). Inside the pie resides tender and flavourful Australian Lamb. Coupled with spinach, Danish feta, currants, pine nuts, mint and coriander leaves every bite simply melts in our mouth. I must say we were all rather silent when we ate this pie.

With a strong Middle Eastern influence, Adrian then whips up the Merquez Sausage. This sausage is made of a mixture of beef and lamb stuffed into lamb intestine casing. A tip that I picked up was never to use lean meat as the sausage can be dry and hard. Plenty of spices are added in including sweet paprika, chilli flakes, cumin, allspice, cinnamon and cloves. Currants are also added into the mixture resulting in a juicier sausage. Served with tabbouleh which is a refreshing salad of cous cous, tomatoes, mint leaves and chopped parsley and over a bed if creamy Aioli (a kind of mash potato), this is a good complete dish on its own.
The perfect steak (at last) is dish 4. A simple but important rule when cooking a steak ~ never to cook a steak straight from the fridge. One should let the piece of meat come down to room temperature. This may take approximately 30 minutes. 

And if you have a meat thermometer (which I believe every kitchen should have one), you can stick it into the stick a couple of minutes are taking it out from the pan. 
• 35C = rare
• 45C = medium rare
• 55C = medium
• 65C = medium well
• 75C = well done
Of course of my personal preference anything which is medium onwards is such a waste of having a steak:P

Of course the better way to test a steak for its doneness is always to press a steak with your finger (my favourite way thus far and with some rather amazing results as seen in my meals at Carmel). The finger test is simple. Simply use your right index finger to press the area between your thumb and index finger of the other hand (let's assume you're right handled):
• thumb = rare
• thumb to index finger = medium rare
• thumb to middle finger = medium
• thumb to ring finger = medium to medium well
• thumb to little finger (or as I always call it "baby finger") = well done

Picture taken from Our Best Bites
The Perfect Steak was the most satisfying piece of steak that I have had for quite some time. Seared to perfection with a simple marinade or salt and pepper, the juicy succulent steak simply melted in my mouth. Served with Salsa Verde made of olives and gherkins which is lightly tangy and salty and complimented the steak well.

The demo of rib eye which is also called Scotch Fillet

While we were served the tenderloin we have no complains. It was juicy and tender!

And finally dessert of Creme Brulee which he made it so effortlessly. Served with creamy chocolate ice cream, it was certainly an awesome afternoon spent.
See the black dots? These are vanilla seeds. can catch Chef Adrian Richardson AFC from Mondays to Fridays at 7:30p.m. (Hongkong, Malaysia, Phillipines, Singapore & Thailand). Adrian teams up with nutritionist Janella Purcell on Good Chef Bad Chef and they bring you through a journey on ingredients, recipes and food themes that can be created while striking a balanced diet.
# Malaysians can catch AFC on Astro Channel 703
Remember to also check out his 2 cookbooks as a possible Christmas gift: 
The Good Life
Some shots of Adrian in action and being a funny man.

Playing and blowing into the lamb intestine casing as if it was a balloon.
 Playing with a mock sausage