Random Dinners @ Carmel

Nothing beats a good home cooked meal. Here's a peek at what my Carmel's Kitchen churns out when hubby and I both need a break from outside food.

Home meals are often simple...ready in a jiffy but definitely satisfying except for the cleaning up:P And of course meals at home means our furkid Shalom will be dining with us. Yes...the precious diva sits on her chair and has her meal just like us minus the marinades.

Here's what we opted to have for dinner today at home since we both felt a wee under the weather. Simple steak over a bed of pea sprouts with some sauteed tomatoes and carrots. Chose the oyster blade. Lightly marinated with salt and black pepper.
Looks good eh?
Soup was our favourite comfort soup with Marmite. Yes the simple goodness of a bowl of Marmite soup to warm our tummies.

And dessert is 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream with 2 pieces of Jack Daniel's whiskey chocolate...

Bliss from a home cooked meal.
Furkid Shalom pretty much had the same thing as us. Her steak was not marinated and was on a bed of mashed carrots. No soup for her though...for the obvious reason that Marmite is salty. Dessert for her was 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream.