Ristorante Porto Romano @ The Intermark

This marks the beginning of my Intermark food crawl. Kicking of with a rather interesting fusion of cusine with Albanian, Italian and Mediteranean influences.

We settled down and was prepared to start with a cold beer to cool down. Eddie suggested that I start with wine. Awesome as I wasn't really in the mood for bubbles. House wines are Canepa's Classico range. Red or white? 
I opted to begin with the Canepa Chardonnay. This smooth and fruity Chilean makes it the perfect wine to kick start our dinner. It went beautifully with the salads and the seafood soup.

The Canepa Cabernet Sauvignon got along well when we started on the "heavier" soups and the meats.  This is a well balanced and smooth red (no wonder hubster was happily sipping it) even before food  arrived.
And while waiting, there is no harm to nibble on some freshly baked breads. A dip into olive oil with some balsamic vinegar does wonders to the palates and appetite!

I have a weak spot for grilled vegetables. Verdure alla Griglia ~ Grilled Vegetables is a beautiful appetizer of very colourful platter of tomatoes, aubergines, capsicums and zucchini. Light with a refreshing taste of balsamic vinegar with the some pungent chopped garlic. This is such a must order for my next visit!
Eddie brings out what I would love to call the magic chili. It is actually Porto Romano's very own chilli sauce with a Mediteranean twist. Its rather spicy and went beautifully with the grilled vegetables. Yeah I love a good spicy bite with my grilled food.
Seafood lovers would love the Insalata Porto Romano ~ Porto Romano Salad. A generous mix of mixed seafood including clams, mussels, prawns and squids marinated in herbs, lemon and extra virgin olive oil. A beautiful play of colours with a selection of vegetables. I think this makes eating vegetables easier for many when its done beautifully with seafood:P
A soup is always good. And we were spoilt with 3 types of hearty soups that night.

Bisque di Gamberi ~ Prawn Bisque is a luxurious creamy soup with a beautiful prawn flavour. The real flavour we get when we are generous with prawns!
Zuppa ala Porto Romano ~ Porto Romano Seafood Soup is beautifully satisfying. Fresh seafood in a tomato base and herbs, I was happily slurping this soup. Every bite of seafood made this my favourite soup for the night.

Zuppa di coda di bue ~ Oxtail Soup is almost a meal on its own. A thick soup with tender meat and soft vegetables, it did go very well with the fresh bread that Porto Romano served us when we arrived.
I am not much of a rice eater. But when it comes to risottos, I am quite amazed by my ability to eat rice. Here at Porto Romano, the Risotto Fruitti di Mare ~ Seafood Risotto was worth the wait (allow 20-30 minutes wait time if you order this). Every bit of the Italian Arborio rice was coated with the rich and creamy white wine sauce while the seafood was cooked just right.

Carbo loading continues and its definitely worth it. The Pasta Nera con Calamari ~ Squid Ink Pasta is made fresh in house. I absolutely adored this beautifully bold and dark coloured fettucine with the natural salty taste of squid ink and tender calamari. Awesome maximus.
A little salty but nevertheless yummy would be the Spaghetti alla Puttanesca. A beautiful and el dente pasta flavoured with savoury Meditteranean anchovies, fillets, capiers and olives. Tender pieces of aubergine added colour to this very vibrant tomato based pasta.

I love my pizzas thin crusted. Pizza al Torro is simply a bullish pizza with a generous topping of beef pepperoni, beef bacon, beef pastrami and cheese.

Not feeling bullish? Then the Pizza al Pesto ~ Chicken and Pesto Pizza is satisfyingly good and healthy with tender lean chicken strips with pesto and cheese over a bed of thin crust pizza base.
I move on to an Argentinian white. This 2009 Astica Torrontes is crisp with a floral and citrus note. It certainly went well with the chicken that was coming up.
Charbroiled Chicken Leg Spanish Style is a simple dish of chicken marinated in zesty lemon. Accompanied by some juicy tender bell peppers and potatoes, this is a complete and wholesome dish on its own.
Stinco d'Agnello ~ Braised Lamb Shank is braised in oven fire slowly till its tender. This rich piece of tender meat is coated in a tasty tomato base that bears the juicy flavours of the lamb. Quite a generous size, I would advise to order this for sharing:P
If you love lamb, another must have would be the Moussaka. Served piping hot, this Greek dish with layers of minced lamb and grilled aubergine with rich cheeses and herbs does resemble the lasagna minus the carbs. Hearty food indeed!
After a whole course of savoury dishes, its definitely time for desserts and some coffee. Yes coffee is needed failing which I would have happily camped the night at Porto Romano with my full round belly:D

The Tiramisu arrives in a glass. A pretty sight bursting with flavours. Every mouthful of the creamy rich Tiramisu was well laced with coffee and almond liquer.

The Torta di Mele ~ Apple Pie arrives in a petite parcel and a dollop of delightful vanilla ice cream. Rich in cinnamon with lightly tangy apples and sweet raisins, this was my to die for dessert.
Coffee? Well hubby opted for a freshly brewed Caffe Vergnano. Yvonne had her latte while Xiang and  myself happily had our Affogato. A shot of kahlua and espresso with rich cold vanilla ice cream, this was a perfect ending to my dinner. Well worth the walk from my office:D
Beautiful black coffee
Rich, creamy and strong affogato
Xiang in his cute purple tee with a cute green dino
That's me and Yvonne with our drinks
Ristorante Porto Romano
The Intermark
Lot 6 Lower Concourse
182 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2162 6799