Roast Pork Sausages @ Carmel

Roast Pork Sausages is about the simplest and hearty meal that you can whip up in 10 minutes and wait another 30 minutes for it to cook in the oven. 30 minutes is fast to pass when I have a good Charddonay, Shiraz or something robust like a Malbeck.

Ingredients to cook for 2:
• Assorted pork sausages (I normally buy from Jarrod & Rawlins)
• Assorted vegetables including carrots, potatoes & tomatoes (use your imagination)
• Rosemary & black pepper 
• Streaky Bacon (100g for 4 pieces of sausages)
• Lemon

• Remove sausage from casing (optional).
• Cut everything into cubes.
• Slice bacon into 2" length.
• Mix all well with the rosemary, paprika and pepper.
• Place sausages and vegetable into casserole.
• Place bacon on top of the sausages and vegetables.
• Bake for 15 minutes at 160C (adjust according to your type of oven).
Stir sausages and vegetables with a spatula. (If you like the bacon to be crisp, remove the bacon before mixing. Return bacon on the vegetable and sausage mix)
• Bake another 15 minutes at 160C
• Bake a little longer if the vegetables are not cooked (normally the case for potatoes).
Slice lemon into wedges. Lemon juice gives the roasted sausages a different twist of flavours.

WARNING: It smells so good that your neighbours may come knocking for dinner (not kidding you)

Serve hot with either a Chardonnay or Shiraz or even a good cold beer. Easy and fast for movie days at home or pool side meals with friends.