Starhill Tea Salon

Starhill Tea the name. Love the cozy place and its beautiful displays of tea cups and decors. And most of all, I love my first experience there. Some weeks back we were caught in the rain and a pal suggested that we chill at Starhill Tea Salon. Awesome idea!

A pot of hot tea and some cakes to go while we caught up with each other...nothing beats that on a cold rainy Saturday afternoon. Quite an assortment of both East and Western teas are available making this one a must visit for tea lovers.
We ordered a cold Mixed Berries despite the cold rainy weather. Somehow cold drinks are quite alluring despite the cold wet weather outside. Its a good idea that Starhill Tea Station serves beyond tea so that friends of all mixes can chill together.
I love ginger and immediately ordered the Herbs and Ginger. Light and easy on the palate, this tea is simply relaxing and did calm me tremendously after a day of rushing a round town to attend 3 different appointments in 4 hours all over Klang Valley.
And what is tea without some yummy cakes? Afterall it was tea time. Loved the green tea cake. It was light, refreshing and not overly sweet. The sweet azuki beans added colour and character to the cake. 
The no frills tiramisu looked a tad plain. But a bite into it reveals the richness and creaminess. Unfortunately herb and ginger tea didn't exactly go quite well with the Tiramisu. It would have gone with green tea like how we normally have our tiramisu at home.

With quite an extensive list of items on its menu...and definitely an awesome first time there, this will be a good chill zone for me after shopping or work. Or perhaps to finish a good book!
Starhill Tea Salon 
Indulge Floor, Starhill Gallery