Cluckers' Day Out

Its Cluckers' Day Out immediately after my Mizuno Wave Run. A brilliant Sunday well spent having lots of fun and definitely lots of Nandos:P

I'll let the pictures speak:
Barci is driving us to I-City for our laser tag outing. *Gasp*
Fiona has a lovely tattoo
Can you flip your eyelids?
Lucky Zenny wins in Bingo and the prize is a digital camera!
A game of Jenga while waiting for our briefing to start
My teammates...
Thirsty after 10 minutes of laser tag. It was darn a lot of running!
I learn that snipers don't get high points...Yes I am the sniper with the 32.91% accuracy.
Laser tag or Jenga? Team Orange seems confused:P
I failed to kill Baki. He's on TV now as I pen this post.
Laser Tag Cluckers

And obviously after playing 3 sessions of laser tag and running 10km earlier on, I am famished. We head over to Nandos in Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam. We get to eat...and of course we get to cook too (if we fancy lah). I opt to eat first before heading into the kitchen to try my hands on cooking my own Peri Peri Chicken.
4 sauces
Hungry faces
I smell food cooking
Quenching our thirst with Citra (1 litre "sharing" drink)
My all time fave drink ~ Redbush Refresher with South African Rooibos
Eat your vegies....Ceasar Salad
Portugese Salad
Must have Peri wedges with Perinaise
I love my Hot Peri Peri thigh. I ate 2 of this!
Lemon and Herb to relax my tongue. I ate 1 only:P
Mediterranean Rice
Old Style Chips
Peri Potato Salad
Caramel Cheesecake
Lighten Up Chocolate Cake
Natas (Portugese egg tarts)

Done with eating (almost) its time to play in the kitchen.
I can cook! Although I can't remember who ate my chicken:P
Fail max killer look
Its hard work we eat again.
Baki cooked these Grilled Chicken Sausages
and I have to feed him in return of him cooking it

The day ends. But not before a group pic and of course a pic with Barci!
An amazing day out with my fellow Cluckers! Head over to or follow NandosMalaysia on twitter. I heard little birds say you may well be invited to join the Cluckers for a day out of fun real soon.

Full set of pictures are in the following FB album:
Cluckers Day Out

Movie: War Horse

Attended the press screening of War Horse yesterday courtesy of Walt Disney Motion Pictures Malaysia yesterday. And I loved it so much I give it 8.5 / 10 marks.
Not per se your action moving but it had a good mix of suspense, emotions and action that keeps you engaged for the entire 146 minutes. A brilliant production directed by Steven Spielberg that bring us through the madness of a war in 1914. It stories the lives of people whose lives involved Joey a stallion.  A stallion with quite a personality. A stallion that is compasionate.

Its quite a bit of conversation throughout the whole movie but it is not boring. Much humour hidden in the conversations. Love the moral of the story. Not going to reveal any spoilers but watch the trailer and you might just make the decision to catch this movie in the cinemas when it open on 2nd February in Malaysia.
Some still scenes for ya:

10km Only!

10km only sounds near. Not too bad actually to run too. But this is only when one trains or runs on a regular basis. My last run per se was the 3 months ago. And thereafter, I didn't even train or run. 15th January 2011, I did the crazy thingy again. Running my 10km Mizuno Wave Run sans training. Kinda madness but I certainly had my share of fun. 
The ending is an uphill...looks easy when you drive.
And me again ~ I think E is for veteran ladies:-(
Happy girls with our medals 
Crazy queue for Milo
I opt for Nestle Fitness (zero queue)
Back to taking more pictures
My shoe gave way at the 300 metre point. LOL
Yummeh Milo and I didn't even have to queue. Thanx Quebe!
So what's next? Another run in March and hopefully I complete my half marathon by end 2012. Anyone keen to join me run? OK...lets call it jog rather than run since I don't really run. I jog! Yes I jog. So any jogging kakis out there?