10 Minutes Dinner

Its another stay home dinner so that I can grab an early night and resume my much needed training in the mornings. And its quite a lazy dinner since I didn't exactly feel like making a 30 minutes dinner. I wanted a "total 10 minutes" type of dinner. Something similar to my fave bak kwa sandwiches.

So dinner tonight was a ham sandwich with a dessert of ice cream on a slice of Japanese cake.

We're talking of real ham sandwich not the type of ham that is actually "luncheon meat ham". Brother in law Eugene recently brought back from the US a pork leg ham (with a bone in the centre...). A huge chunk of meat for USD20 which is almost RM60. That is cheap since there is no way I can buy a chunk of real ham for that price in Malaysia. And as such I now have a whole lot of ham sitting in the fridge.

Ham sandwich is darn simple. 7 minutes preparation time with simple ingredients:
• Ham
• Egg
• Cucumber (or your choice of vegie)
• Olives
• Mustard
• Bread
• Cheese

• Butter bread and you may want to place the buttered side on a hot pan for some extra yumminess
• Slice cucumber thinly for a refreshing bite into the sandwich.
• Place ham on cucumber.
• Spread mustard.
• Place egg on mustard and ham.
• Place cheese on hot egg for it to melt a little.
• Place olives.
• Layer another serving of ham followed by bread.
Ta da... dinner is ready. I've decided to serve the sandwich with more sliced cucumber and some lovely sweet cherries.
Hubster's wheatgerm bread
I prefer the 5 seed bread
And soup is optional. 30 second needed to make Marmite Soup. I teaspoon of Marmite to a bowl of hot water:D (Here's the post to what else I do with Marmite)

Dessert was 2.5 minutes. I recently attended a food tasting session and came across Okome no Financiere which is a yummy not overly sweet cake with a lovely nutty bite in it. Placed it over a bed of wheatgerm and topped it with a dollop of vanilla ice cream (always keep ice cream in your home!). To give it some colour and of course a healthier touch to our dinner, I placed some mixed nuts and dried fruits.
Lazy dinner but nevertheless satisfying 10 minutes dinner. Goodnight world:D

You can buy the Okome no Financiere at RM37.90 for a pack of 6 small pieces at Shiojikiya at the lower ground floor of Mid Valley Gardens.