10km Only!

10km only sounds near. Not too bad actually to run too. But this is only when one trains or runs on a regular basis. My last run per se was the 3 months ago. And thereafter, I didn't even train or run. 15th January 2011, I did the crazy thingy again. Running my 10km Mizuno Wave Run sans training. Kinda madness but I certainly had my share of fun. 
The ending is an uphill...looks easy when you drive.
And me again ~ I think E is for veteran ladies:-(
Happy girls with our medals 
Crazy queue for Milo
I opt for Nestle Fitness (zero queue)
Back to taking more pictures
My shoe gave way at the 300 metre point. LOL
Yummeh Milo and I didn't even have to queue. Thanx Quebe!
So what's next? Another run in March and hopefully I complete my half marathon by end 2012. Anyone keen to join me run? OK...lets call it jog rather than run since I don't really run. I jog! Yes I jog. So any jogging kakis out there?