Absolut Vodka Tower

Last year I graduated from the Absolut Akademi as an Absolut Connoisseur (read it here), I looked forward very much to yet another Absolut event. This round it said "Absolut Tower". Frankly I had no idea what it was but I was excited. Vodka has always been one of my regular drinks at home other than whiskey and I was pretty much looking forward to what else I could do with Absolut Vodka.

I arrived at Ecoba. Bubbly Linora was our emcee for the night which meant it was guaranteed fun and laughter. I saw a tower on the stage. A lil similar to our beer towers...but what was Absolut doing with a tower?
And yes, we learn that Absolut actually has a tower. And its simply simple. Buy a bottle of Absolut and it comes with a tower which you could make your own cocktail tower. Simply simple!
I had my chance to make my own tower. Confession, I love my drinks strong so I opted to use 600ml of Absolut Vodka. My mixers were 1000ml of lime and 200ml of cranberry. Add the required ice...Voila I have my own Absolut Tower. This mix is smooth and cold with the sweetness from the cranberry and some zingy after taste of the lime. Yummeh...I think my pals on the table liked it too since it did finish rather quickly *self praise*.
opting for 600ml of Absolut:P
mixing it well after adding the ice
my tower of Absolut Vodka
A night of fun as we all had our turns with making our own Absolut Tower. Of course there were simple game of piecing together a puzzle. I went on stage to play with buddy Ah Bok. I won...but I think its because he opted to let me win...Then one went home a loser or empty handed. I picked a red packet and it had this limited edition bottle of Absolut Vodka. 
I won this!
With the real bottle and buddy Christopher
And see....I breathe flames

A video of the night courtesy of Andrew.

Experience your own Absolut Tower at the following places:
• Ecoba
• View Rooftop Bar
• Afterwerk (Scott Garden)
• Neverland

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Some pics from the night...see more at Absolut Vodka Tower
with Mike, Louise and Andrew
 Mike, Naomi and myself with our bottles that we won

catching up with Yukiko and Louise
my running, makan and car buddies Mel and Jo