Antipodeon Cafe, Bangsar

Random weekday and I need my coffee fix while stuck in Bangsar after an appointment. It definitely didn't make much sense to head back to my office to grab coffee from my regular joint RAW Coffee. So the caffeine adventure brought us to Antipodeon as recommended by buddy MollieTheBeagle who works nearby.

I was curious what Antipodeon meant. Googled. Found it on their website
Antipodean – pronounced “an·tip·o·de·an”
(1) coming from or relating to Australia or New Zealand
(2) Ancient Greek: anti “opposed” pous “foot” opposite points on the globe

Coffee fix! We ordered a latte, picollo, macchiato and flat white. Returned on another occasion and ordered the same drinks again. The coffees tasted the same unlike a couple of other coffee joints that I had the misfortune of either getting burnt coffee or crappy coffee art.
I never say no to food especially when I know there is bacon lurking around. The All day Breakfast and the Big Breakfast are such awesome comfort filling food. And as such, I've also ended up ordering the same food the last 4 visits:-(
Seriously real bacon!
In a glance both seem to look the same. But a closer look...see the differences?
Big Breakfast – Toast, choice of bacon, chicken, beef or pork sausages, mushrooms, hash brown and choice of eggs.
All Day Breakfast – Toast, choice of bacon, chicken, beef or pork sausages, baked beans, grilled tomatoes and choice of eggs.

And if you want more than what is on your plate (yes on hungry days I eat for two). Opted for additional sausages to satisfy my meat cravings.
MollieTheBeagle ordered the croissant with scrambled eggs and bacon. They looked heavenly and tasted divine. A must have if you don't end up like me with my regular breakfast sets:P
There is quite a bit on the menu blackboard that I have not ordered. A conscious note to self "Order other food that I've not tried". The place is rather cozy. However if you're there during peak hours, be prepared for the place to be a wee noisy. Alternatively, sit outdoors and enjoy a little fresh air and sunshine:D

Antipodeon Cafe

20, Jalan Telawi 2
59100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
T: +603 2282 0411