The Best Bak Kwa Bread in Town...

The best bak kwa bread in town....has to be from Carmel!

Its CNY and one of the gifts that we have from friends and relatives is bak kwa. And rather than munch the bak kwa plainly, I've decided to make some bak kwa sandwiches that I enjoyed from a stall in Sri Petaling and back in Penang.

Of course, being a product of Carmel's there will be slight modifications...but nevertheless its definitely very yummy and easy to make. And dang...its very filling!

• bread (2 slices per person)
• bak kwa
• chicken or pork floss
• cheese (I am using some freshly sliced cheddar)
• butter
• egg
• lettuce (of your choice vegie)
• ketchup or mustard (can omit if you like)

• Butter bread

• Place buttered side on the hot pan so that you get a crisp and fragrant bread base.

• Fry egg (sunny side ups are yummy)
• Start layering the ingredients...
(1) Lettuce

(2) Bak kwa

(3) Chicken floss

(4) Ketchup / mustard (skip if you want)
(5) Egg

(6) Cheese (place on the hot egg so that it melts a little with the heat from the egg)

(7) more Bak kwa

(8) Lettuce

(9) Bread

And voila, you have a thick wholesome and very filling sandwich that is quite healthy even though it has the BBQed meat (bak kwa that some people frown at). Its CNY and we have plenty of mandarin oranges at home. Thus I've placed some oranges on the side to fulfill our "fruits during breakfast" rule.

Serve with love:D