Chocolate Spa

Hubster and I both love our massages and spas. Yes! That man loves the spa sessions as much as I do. This time around we checked out JoJoBa Spa's Valentine's Day Couple Treatment which I felt was quite a good buy at RM399++ for 100 minutes of spa pampering for the 2 of us and a pair of teddy bears with chocolates for me too! An awesome savings from the usual RM651 since we took advantage of this Valentine's day campaign.

Its been a one week long festive hols and hubster and I pretty much ran around catching up with friends and relatives. Honestly, as much as it was fun, it was tiring too. We needed to some time out on our own and some pampering. 

We walked into a very calm and peaceful JoJoBa Spa. Placed out things in the locker and proceeded into our treatment room. The cozy room pretty much made us more relaxed for the therapy to come.
We both start off with a Cocoa Bean Body Scrub. The scrub smelt awesome. And typically me and my curious self, I had to taste it and it was slightly sweet. Quite delectable:D
Cocoa Bean Scrub
Water added to the scrub making it a lovely paste 
I lay on the bed with a bath cap on so that I don't get chocolate into my hair. The bed had a plastic sheet so that we don't dirty the bed. The scrub is applied all over my body with extra details and scrubbing being given to drier parts of my body such as my feet, elbows and ankles.
Then we rinse off with JoJoBa Spa's signature Lavender Body Shower that seems quite popular with the clients here. 

Next we had the option of the Jacuzzi OR the Sauna OR the Steambath OR the Herbal Footbath. Since we both wanted total relaxation, we opted for the Jacuzzi. 
Lavender bath salts were added into the jacuzzi. 2 glasses of sparkling grape juices were served during our jacuzzi session. The 15 minutes soak in the warm water and delicate lavender scent with a very relaxing water bubble massage left hubster so relaxed that he nearly fell asleep in the tub. LOL. 
Once again we rinse off and head back into the room. Confession: I've never completed any of my Ear Candling Treatment. One simple reason...the "cracking" sound of the burning candle has always been too ticklish for me to bear and in certain places, the heat from the candle has been too uncomfortable for me. However, my therapist Jess assured me that I will definitely enjoy my ear candling treatment at JoJoBa. And she's right! It simply because a towel is placed between me and the candle. But more so, its because during the 10 minutes of the ear candling, she has been giving me a very soothing massage on my neck and behind my ear.
Next was my fave part of the Aromatherapy Massage. Combining Balinese and traditional Malay massage strokes, the massage pretty much relaxed my tired body. Hehehe...hubster fell asleep and happily snored during the entire masage.
When you lie on your back, my therapist place a cold Lavender scented Aroma Eye Pillow on my eyes. I loved this treatment and this certainly helps with reducing puffy eyes and eye bags from my late nights of late.
The pampering session ends with each of us being served a cup of warm ginger tea. Slightly pungent and sweet, this tea is awesome. I love the ginger tea at JoJoBa Spa so much that I never fail to ask for a second cup:D
And my massage treat for the day didn't end with the cups of ginger tea. I love teddy bears and to date have over 52 soft toys in my collection. Today, I brought home a pair of teddy bears dressed in batek and of course chocolates too! Hmmm I now have 53 soft toys...
Since the Valentine's Day Couple Treatment promotion at RM399++ ends 29th February 2012, I reckon that we will be returning for another lovely chocolate spa pampering. 
JoJoBa Spa:
• 15th Floor, Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Royale Spa
• Level 2, Royale Bintang Damansara, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.