Cluckers' Day Out

Its Cluckers' Day Out immediately after my Mizuno Wave Run. A brilliant Sunday well spent having lots of fun and definitely lots of Nandos:P

I'll let the pictures speak:
Barci is driving us to I-City for our laser tag outing. *Gasp*
Fiona has a lovely tattoo
Can you flip your eyelids?
Lucky Zenny wins in Bingo and the prize is a digital camera!
A game of Jenga while waiting for our briefing to start
My teammates...
Thirsty after 10 minutes of laser tag. It was darn a lot of running!
I learn that snipers don't get high points...Yes I am the sniper with the 32.91% accuracy.
Laser tag or Jenga? Team Orange seems confused:P
I failed to kill Baki. He's on TV now as I pen this post.
Laser Tag Cluckers

And obviously after playing 3 sessions of laser tag and running 10km earlier on, I am famished. We head over to Nandos in Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam. We get to eat...and of course we get to cook too (if we fancy lah). I opt to eat first before heading into the kitchen to try my hands on cooking my own Peri Peri Chicken.
4 sauces
Hungry faces
I smell food cooking
Quenching our thirst with Citra (1 litre "sharing" drink)
My all time fave drink ~ Redbush Refresher with South African Rooibos
Eat your vegies....Ceasar Salad
Portugese Salad
Must have Peri wedges with Perinaise
I love my Hot Peri Peri thigh. I ate 2 of this!
Lemon and Herb to relax my tongue. I ate 1 only:P
Mediterranean Rice
Old Style Chips
Peri Potato Salad
Caramel Cheesecake
Lighten Up Chocolate Cake
Natas (Portugese egg tarts)

Done with eating (almost) its time to play in the kitchen.
I can cook! Although I can't remember who ate my chicken:P
Fail max killer look
Its hard work we eat again.
Baki cooked these Grilled Chicken Sausages
and I have to feed him in return of him cooking it

The day ends. But not before a group pic and of course a pic with Barci!
An amazing day out with my fellow Cluckers! Head over to or follow NandosMalaysia on twitter. I heard little birds say you may well be invited to join the Cluckers for a day out of fun real soon.

Full set of pictures are in the following FB album:
Cluckers Day Out