Farmer's Blanket

Some days I call it Farmer's Blanket. Some days I call it Piggy's Blanket. Either way, its one of the most comforting food that we can have for our Sunday breakfast when we feel like getting holed up in our apartment or for our drinking nights with friends.

It is seriously easy and all you need in just imagination as to what you want to roll up in the blanket (filo pastry). Ingredients that I have used for the blanket this round:
• 1 sheet of Filo pastry
• 2 table spoon Tomato base of your choice (I normally use tomato based pasta sauce)
• 2 eggs for omelette (add 2 dash of pepper)
• 1 shallot (diced)
• 2 pitted olives (sliced or diced as you prefer)
• 150g of bacon
• About 50g of freshly grated cheese (I used cheddar this time)

• Fry shallots till fragrant before pouring egg mixture in.
• Fry bacon till fragrant.
• Spread pasta sauce and olives on filo pastry.
• Lay omelette on filo pastry.
• Lay bacon on egg.
• Sprinkle cheese.
• Roll the filo pastry up.
• Pop into oven at 180C for 20 minutes (depending on oven specification)
• Cut before serving and can be served on its own or a salad of your choice. We had tonnes of grapes at home that week so it was served with grapes:D
smiley Farmer's blanket
# Remember to spread ingredients (except for the sauce) 1 inch from the edges so that you can roll the blanket nicely without the ingredients popping out!
## If you place it on a wire tray to bake, then you will get a crispy surface all around the blanket.
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