Harmonious Crab @

Its reunion nom nom at And yes for a change one can have crabs for CNY too. If one is "pantang" or superstitious that crabs in Cantonese sounds like a sigh, let's have a chinese lesson on the word crab and have a paradigm shift. 

Crab  which in Mandarin is Xiè. The sound Xie is similar to the word harmony 和谐 Hé Xié. So having crabs is actually a harmonious matter afterall. Mind changed? Let's now eat!

What is CNY without yee sang? Admittedly the Yee Sang with Salmon fillet slices here is the standard modus operandi but its still a yee sang session with some yummy salmon fillet.

Indulge in some crab action with 2 Big Crabs in Red Sweet and Sour Sauce. Fleshy crab in a delicious sweet and sour sauce which you can go gaga wiping the plate clean with the free flow of man tou. I must add that the mantou here are rather addictive especially the fried ones!

awesome fried mantou
Prawns are a must  for CNY nom nom sessions. The CNY Prosperity Set includes Sambal Petai Prawns. Its not overly spicy. Prawns are fresh and fleshy. Sambal is beautiful with hints of petai. Yummy!

The Salted Egg Squid makes a good and addictive dish or as I call it "snack".

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet Nuggets is a good bet with children and any adult that loves sweet and sour preparations. As fish nuggets are being served for this dish, I kinda like the fact that it was bone free since I had already exercised my fingers quite a bit with the crabs:P

For some carbo loading, is serving their Special Seafood Fried Rice.
And I am so glad that the CNY Prosperity includes my all time fave Tofu Kang with Crab Meat. This is a delightful and stomach warming soup of baby bum smooth tofu with crab meat.

In between waiting for your food or people to arrive, go snack yourself silly with the lovely (a lil spicy) addictive satay fish. Yes this is free flow too. Just help yourself and fill up your plate with it and munch, munch, munch...

The CNY Prosperity Set is priced at RM288+ (yes single +) for 6 persons. And f you have more people, you can always order off the ala carte menu. My all time fave crab preparation is the Salt Baked Tong Kwai Crabs. Awesome. Read more here.

Hop over to:
62-2, Jalan Bukit Raja,
Taman Seputeh,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 1-300-222-100
• pork free
• beside 7-11 and smack behind the bus stop along Federal Highway (opposite Volvo and Mid Valley)


Order online and have them delivered nice and hot to your doorstep for you to eat in the comforts of your own home. Minimum order is RM50 and above. A delivery charge of RM12 is applicable for orders below RM50.