Have Yourself A Cantonese Reunion Dinner @Lai Ching Yuen

Its my second round of CNY review. This time its Cantonese style at Lai Ching Yuen at Grand Millennium stands out with its Cantonese themed dishes. And this place is certainly one of my faves after my few lunches and of course the MIGF menu they served last year.

I confess that I can never have enough of yee sang:D I smile to myself when I heard that we're having the Prosperity Yee Sang with Fresh Scallop, Mango and Crystal Pear. Its all of my fave ingredients. The scalllops were plump and juicy. Lightly blanched these plump fresh scallops were tender and sweet. The whole yee sang thingy was simply refreshing. Sweet fragrant mangoes went well with the crunchy crystal pears. Rather than the usual plum sauce, Chef Leong Weng Heng has opted for a refreshing change with strawberry sauce. Simply refreshing!
plump fresh scallops
tossing with giant chopsticks is quite fun
Of course if scallop is not your thingy, then there is still Salmon, Giant Clam, Crispy Fish Skin, Fresh Scallop, Sliced Abalone and many others. The yee sang here is available for dine in or take away with prices from RM58++.

I loved the Roasted Crispy Duck Hong Kong Style. The aroma of a good roast stuck was simply enticing and I think this is one dish that we all took pictures in record super fast time. Skin certainly was crispy (I've actually came across lame so called crispy skin ones) while the meat was simply flavourful and succulent.
What is a CNY meal without fish? Steamed Cod Fish with Light Soy Sauce is about the best way to serve the cod. Served in individual plates looking pretty, the cod tasted just as good if not better. Steamed just right, the cod was bursting in its natural sweetness without the soya sauce overpowering it.
The beauty of Lai Ching Yuen is that it serves pork! The Baked Pork Rib Marinated with Lemon Grass is another dish that was quite irresistible. I think the chicken floss played its role beyond a decorative "throne" to sit the pork rib as it gave more texture and unique flavour to the pork rib when eaten together.
not overly lean or fat. just right!
Stir fried Prawns and Asparagus in Golden Basket is one of my faves. Each prawn is huge and juicy! I loved this so much that I took part of hubby's portion:P
Hey! It was a barter trade of prawn and pork rib. I was rather slow at eating the rib and hubby asked if he could have a little of mine...well all's fine. LOL.

And one of my fave dishes for CNY or any Chinese dinners would be the Braised Dried Oyster and Bean Curd Skin with Black Sea Moss. Being a braised dish, it is rich with flavours of all the ingredients that goes in. Some discipline is required failing which I would love to have a carbo loading session with  plain rice and gravy.
Claypot Rice with Waxed Meat came as a filler. I am not much of a waxed meat person but I have to agree that Lai Ching Yuen definitely used some rather good ones. A little chinese wine was added to this dish to enhance the flavours and experience.
For dessert, one can opt for the nian gao as well. We were served the Black Sesame Rice Dumpling with Ginger Tea. Came in right and apt as it was actually tong (Winter Solstice day) when we had this review. The ginger tea was strong and pungent but nothing overly overpowering since it was just nicely sweetened to compliment the rice dumplings. I loved the rice dumplings. It was soft and tender. A bite and the sweet fragrant black sesame paste will just flow out. Awesome!
What we had was some samples from Lai Ching Yuen's ala carte menu which are also featured on the Reunion Dinner menus (priced at RM1,280++, RM1,480++, RM1,680++ and RM1,780++ and served for 10 persons).

Lai Ching Yuen
Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur
Level 1
160 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2117 4180
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