Hidden Gem Ben Tdi Wei

Its CNY yummies on a Sunday afternoon at Ben Tdi Wei. The invite came via sms and I wasn;t too sure how I would pronounce it. But when we arrived it said 本地味 which yours truly couldn't read either (since I basically speak and can't read more than 200 characters). When I walked in, the friendly waitress greeted me in what I understood to be "Welcome to Local Delights". Hehehe the equation is solved!

Ben Tdi Wei = 本地味 = Local delights

Technically the pinyin would have been "ben di wei". But it didn't matter. I can now read 3 more characters in chinese! 

OK...we're at 本地味 to check out its CNY menu. Thus far, all I know is this place is a porkilicious heaven from Chris' blog. I was in for a surprise. A pleasant surprise. Read on...

Being a CNY menu, of course we will have yee sang. The yee sang arrives. The colour was different. It was a tad plain unlike the normal vibrant colours that we're very used to. But there's nothing to complain. The plain colours are simply because Ben Tdi Wei's Salmon Fish Yee Sang with Snow Pear is made with only the freshest and natural ingredients without any artificial colouring etc. Crispy white turnip, sweet yellow mangoes, snow pear, cucumber, pomelo, young mago and pickles accompanied with a sour plum sauce with an added lime for the extra zesty kick made this a juicy and refreshing yee sang.
Additonal colours are also from the succulent salmon slices
Refreshing juicy and crisp yee sang
The Ben Tdi Wei BTW Two combination was a contrast of 2 different taste which complimented each other rather well. I can't decide which was my fave of the two.  The fish paste wrap with bacon had a delightful savoury and some sweetness to it at the same time. The crisp balls had a delightful soft centre of tofu and prawn paste. Both were good...and I wouldn't mind additional servings of it.
Being a half Cantonese and also being told by my grandmas on the goodness of ginseng soups, I relished the The Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Wild Ginseng and Dry Scallops. This was a delightful soup with the goodness of free range chicken with wild ginseng. The Goji Berries gave this soup additional sweetness. And before I forget, Goji Berries are good for your eyes!
Our menu was to feature the Fried Red Snapper with BTW Spicy Sauce. However, for picture purposes and of course a culinary adventure, we experienced the Fried Red Snapper Roll with Spicy Salad Sauce for the 8 course menu. I must admit that the presentation of the fish was quite attractive. This is the perfect fish to order for reunion dinners. The head and tail of the fish is still here as required by tradition. The wow factor, there is no bones making it perfect for kids and senior folks (and seriously adults busy talking during dinners too). 
The fish fillets were rolled with mackarel fish paste and prawn roe for additional flavour.
One thing interesting and impressive about Ben Tdi Wei's CNY menu is it stresses on a rather healthy menu. The Braised (10 heads) Abalones with Mushrooms and Beancurd features tofu which they make themselves. Silky soft tofu was absolutely delightful that  ate quite a bit of it. Oh! 10 heads means 10 pieces of the bacon for this table of 10 persons.
Another very comforting dish (and yes I have to call it my fave) was the Double Boiled Kamoung Chicken with Lotus Seeds and Chinese Wine. The chicken is tender and flavourful with the goodness of the herbs used in this dish. Nothing overpowering, we all ate this dish up quite cleanly including the lovely gravy (soup if you scoop it up into a bowl).
The Stir Fried Kai Lan with Choy Poh is a good dish to get kids or picky adult eaters to start eating the vegetables. Choy poh (preserved mustard) can be a tad salty to be eaten in its own but it goes remarkably well with the crisp kai lan. And if you're a rice lover, order your bowl of rice to savour the crunchy fragrant preserved mustards.
Fried Glutinous Rice with Waxed Meat was something new to me. I meant fried glutinous rice? I was half prepared that this was going to be an oily rice thingy. Surprisingly it was light and fluffy. This is simply because only pure whole grains of glutinous rice is being used. Coupled with dried shrimps, mushrooms and waxed meat, hubster says this is one of the best waxed meat rice he has had.
Sweet Red Bean Paste with Lily Bulbs was the perfect dessert. Nothing overly sweet with soft tender beans, this was a simple dessert yet not a drop was left in the bowl. Everyone went for their second helping!
All the above for RM788++ for 10 persons is a good deal. And the beauty of it all, they even have options for 6 persons at RM478++. 

Alternatively one can also opt for the RM388++ for 6 persons or RM598++ for 10 persons which features a menu of 8 dishes.

And the special treat we had from the chef was this petite konyaku jelly with baby chrysanthemums inside. Firm yet soft with the subtle fragrance from the flower, this is one interesting jelly. Hopefully the folks at Ben Tdi Wei will include this in their menu soon.
Ben Tdi Wei Local Delights
Lots G1 & G2 Ground Floor
3 Lebuh Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya
T: +603 7727 7733 / 1811
Landmark: beside KFC
Chef Lew aka Chef Sailor Moon