Movie: War Horse

Attended the press screening of War Horse yesterday courtesy of Walt Disney Motion Pictures Malaysia yesterday. And I loved it so much I give it 8.5 / 10 marks.
Not per se your action moving but it had a good mix of suspense, emotions and action that keeps you engaged for the entire 146 minutes. A brilliant production directed by Steven Spielberg that bring us through the madness of a war in 1914. It stories the lives of people whose lives involved Joey a stallion.  A stallion with quite a personality. A stallion that is compasionate.

Its quite a bit of conversation throughout the whole movie but it is not boring. Much humour hidden in the conversations. Love the moral of the story. Not going to reveal any spoilers but watch the trailer and you might just make the decision to catch this movie in the cinemas when it open on 2nd February in Malaysia.
Some still scenes for ya: