My Love for Rootbeer Floats

A&W's rootbeer float has always been some kind of my happy food. And its been quite countless times that I find myself either at the drive through or sitting inside the PJ State branch happily with my rootbeer float. 

Some interesting facts on A&W's rootbeer:
Was traditionally home-brewed from dandelions, black birch bark and sarsaparilla roots.
Was invented by a chemist.
Is naturally caffeine free, and is mixed fresh at A&W restaurants.

And with a dollop or two vanilla ice cream added into it, it becomes a yummeh creamy cold beverage. However, I must add that this is only when its served in a chilled cold mug.
For some added sugar highness to the day, I would also indulge in a waffle. I wish the waffles could be crispier outside. But no matter how long more they cook, its still the same. Must be the batter. Crisp or not, it is still a comfort food with lots of butter and syrup. 
There are quite a few burgers and stuff from the menu but my all time order items are the fried chicken and coney dog. OK...I think I order the coney dog with just about every visit to A&W.
I wished the fried chicken would revert to its original recipe
Love the onions, sauce and sausage combo idea.
Curly Fries or French Fries? The fried chicken has changed and I am actually glad that the curly fries are still the same taste. So the curly fries are always for me while hubster will have the fries.
my all time favourite curly fries
old fashion fries
Its 11pm. I've just had 2 scoops of ice cream for dessert but in this crazy weather...I am tempted to drive out and grab my happy A&W Rootbeer Float. Yes I will...cya A&W rootbeer float in a moment  since today's weather forecast says a Rootbeer Float is the order for the day.

Go grab yours if you crave one too:P has the listing of its outlets!