Prosperous Treasures @ Si Chuan Dou Hua

Its the auspicious year of the Dragon. Si Chuan Dou Hua at Parkroyal KL prepares a remarkable prosperity feast combining Sichuan and Cantonese flavours. And if you're wondering why does Si Chuan Dou Hua sound so familiar? Well this is a branch from the famed Si Chuan Dou Hua in both Parkroyal Hotels  and UOB Towers in Singapore.

Back to Malaysia! Its yee sang time at Si Chuan Dou Hua in Parkroyal KL!

I was served the Si Chuan Dou Hua's signature 8 Treasures Tea. The pretty and delicate buds, fruits & leaf would uncurl over time after hot tea is poured in. Its quite a therapeutic thing to watch them uncurl while waiting for the rest to arrive. This is a great thirst quencher and I highly recommend this when you dine here. 
I did enjoy the appetizers especially the pickles. Tangy and it really it really did get my appetite going...
This wasn't just another yee sang review. We were treated to Si Chuan Dou Hua's signature Prosperity Yee Sang. Featuring a platter of auspicious coloured fruits and vegetables. Every bite was an awesome crunch and bursting in the refreshing juices of the ingredients. 
Prosperity Yee Sang with tropical fruits
Of course if you prefer more chew or bite to your yee sang, you may opt for Abalone, Jellyfish, Pacific Clams, Salmon, Soft Shell Crab, Superior Shark's Fin or Yellow Fin Tuna.

Since Si Chuan Dau Hua features Cantonese flavours, it is only apt that one orders their soups. The Braised Mini Shark's Fin with Sea Treasures in Butter Cream Superior Stock is a good bet. Since I don't eat Shark's Fin as a matter of policy, I passed on my soup to Xiang who happily drank up the whole bowl of soup like a satisfied baby. 
Remember that I wrote previously that prawns are a must have because it symbolised laughter and happiness? Well the Butter Prawn with Fragile Oatmeal is one dish that you could order to fulfil the "laughter" element. Every prawn is coated the creamy butter sauce with a delicate coat of crispy oatmeal for an added crunch to the succulent prawns. 
I was quite amused when I saw the name of the subsequent dish "Steamed Fried Spring Chicken with Chinese Herbs and Sea Moss". Steamed and fried? Hmmmm

Well it was a petite dish that is a must with a bowl of rice. The spring chicken was tender and juicy. The use of herbs was not overpowering and in fact very appetising. Slightly sweet and savoury, I took half a bowl of rice with this dish. I would have eaten more but I was asked to hold my rice intake for a later dish...
spring chicken thigh with lots of fatt choy
The Wok Baked Sea Grouper Fish with "Lao Gan Ma"and Sichuan Chili Bean Paste is a delightfully appetising dish. Fish was succulent and not overcooked. And amazingly the chili bean paste was subtle and nothing too spicy. Perfect for reunion meals since we don't want people sobbing or choking at the table in case food gets overly spicy:P
a smiling happy fish:D
I hope that the Fried Rice with Seafood and Pumpkin will be served post CNY. Fluffy rice with a generous of sweet pumpkin gave this rice a delicate nutty flavour. Assorted seafood gave it more texture and flavour. I don't normally finish my fried rice but this is one of the few exceptional occasions. 
The most awesome factor that I love about Si Chuan Dou Hua's CNY menu? They cater for smaller group dining as well with sets priced at RM688++ for 4 people and RM888++ for 6 people. '

Prosperity', 'Fortune' and 'Wealth' sets priced from RM998++ onwards are for group dinners for 10 people. Vegetarians will certainly love the idea of the Vegetarian Set Menu priced at RM898++ for a table of 10 people.

Do order the following from their ala carte menu...

I was asked to hold my rice session for this very delightful dish of Boiled Slice Beef in Sichuan Pepper Sauce. It was marked on the menu with 5 Chillies which meant it was very spicy. Delightfully spicy (but still within a comfortable level for me), I happily ate more rice with lavish scoops of the delightful Sichuan sauce. The sliced beef were tender and pretty much melted in our mouth. Amazingly good!
The Red Bean Pancake is one of my fave all time desserts after a good Chinese meal. Sweet smooth red bean paste in between crisp pastry was the perfect finish to my Sichuan Cantonese dinner. 
I opted for the Sweetened Ginseng with Gingko And White Fungus to soothe my body after the "fiery" dishes. Its always good to balance the body ensuring that I stay fine and dandy especially in the current hot spell.
A must have here is the Home Made Tau Foo Fa with Sweet Date Syrup. The beancurd was one of the smoothest that I have ever had. Its delightfully smooth and you can almost just drink teh ebancurd with the fragrant red dates syrup.
Si Chuan Dou Hua
Parkroyal Hotel KL
T +603-2782 8303