Queen B turns 10

Queen B is one of the oldest of Shalom's pals. We celebrated the her birthday some weeks back with a picnic party. Nice and shady with plenty of parking (only if you come early) and of course plenty of space for the kids to run, the Central Park is our fave picnic spots. Of course this is our fave after the numerous birthday picnics and events that our bunch of friends had here.

The bunch of us gathered with a yummeh breakfast for humans courtesy of B's momma Jo. She made awesome finger food for us all. Yeah this momma woke up at 6am to make the following (except the cake which she bought). 
Most of us have known each other for close to 10 years with a number of adventures together from jungle trekking, holidays with our furkids, makan and furkid events.
friends for almost 10 years
not sure what Alex was trying to do
And the furkids were not forgotten. There was plenty of treats and I reckon the fave for the day was something simple called whip cream. A dollop of cream is placed on the nose of each furkid, and they would lick it off slowly. Its quite a cute sight. Most will return for more when they are done with licking the cream off their nose.
A can goes a long way...Squeeze on finger and dab on nose...and the fun begins!
elly not too sure what to do
Hershey wants more
Diva Shalom
Boo who has figured out that its easier to rub his nose on the grass
and then lick it off in one go from the grass.
What is a birthday without a birthday cake? Yours truly made this:D Its really quite simple from a basic recipe for furkids that I have but the obvious problem is I have yet to be able to decorate cakes. My shaky hands aren't helping much either:P Which only means I have to go to school real soon...
Here's happy B and her momma. Let's have another 10 years more of birthday picnics with Queen B!