Random Musings: RM285.80

We were early for the movie preview of Contraband some weeks ago and I was kinda having a sugar rush of some sorts. So hubster suggested that I walked it off at Ikea least that I get irritated with having to sit "quietly" though a movie.

So off we went walking around Ikea. I wasn't exactly shopping for anything. It was meant to be a walk for me. For the strangest reason, I decided to have a stop at the curtain area. I didn't exactly need any new curtains. But it was fun walking around large sheets of hanging curtains.

And obviously the fun got adventurous when I made the sudden decision that I wanted a new set of sheer curtains to separate my living room from my dining room. We needed 4 sets of Alvine Rund at RM99 per set. Unfortunately there was only 2 sets left. Aaargh. I hate to mix and match simply because I was in a lazy mode. I didn't want to think of what to match the 2 sets of curtains with. 
I was stunned. Upset too...

It is such days I am glad that this man that I have married for 10 years plus is a creative person. Left it to him to walk around and he selected Wilma at RM43.90 per set of 2 curtains. It was sheer and he happily thought it out how it was to be hung. 
So off we went with 2 sets of each of Alvine Rund and Wilma for a total of RM285.80. They were all sewed so to was basically a plug and play. Here's what Alvine Rund and Wilma look like. Not exactly the way I had in my we shall be back soon when the stock arrives.

Hehehe...still I'm a happy girl. I have new curtains this CNY!