Regal Reunion Dinner @ Kim Ma, Palace of the Golden Horses

This CNY review at Kim Ma Cantonese Fusion Restaurant in Palace of the Golden Horses is one of the prettiest that I have experienced. An astonishing visual and culinary treat!

While waiting (which is quite a norm:P) the early birds nibbled on a delightful caramelised walnuts. Healthy and definitely a departure from the usual peanuts or pickles. BTW, do you know that walnuts symbolises happiness? 
Prosperity Yee Sang with Fresh Norwegian Salmon may sound like a normal yee sang. However it had a delicate dragon ball in the centre. Made of imported rice noodle fried for some added bite, the dragon ball also symbolises prosperity and wealth.
(一 本 萬 利) 三 文 魚 生
Kim Ma’s Appetizer Combinations arrived on a delicate plate with a glass horse in the middle of the platter. A bite into the succulent baby octopus placed on a bed of noodle inside a tofu skin "basket" reveals a whole myriad of flavours. Yumminess continues with a sliced meatball with the goodness of salted egg. 
(双 喜 临 门) 金 马 双 拼

Cantonese restaurants rarely go wrong with soups. The Double-Boiled Minced Chicken Broth with Fish Maw and Shark’s Fin was a bowl of comforting goodness. As usual, I don't eat sharks fins so those who sit beside me will either inherit the whole bowl of soup or in this case, inherit the pieces of fins. Yes, you may inform kitchen that you don't want the fins in your soup. An amazing addition to this soup the use of  chicken coagulated protein. This delectable soft and smooth coagulated protein is only possible after many patient of hours of boiling the chicken on slow fire. 
(鮑 有 盈 魚) 鱼 漂 翅 炖 雞 盅 湯
Palace’s Special Roasted Chicken and Baked Chicken Chop with Black Sesame Sauce came as a surprise. Chicken was prepared n 2 different flavours and preparations. Again only the work of a diligent kitchen! The roast chicken was lightly marinated and had a beautiful crispy skin. The baked chicken chop was a juicy piece of meat with an aromatic black sesame sauce.  
(喜 事 成 双) 当 红 双 味 鸡 
Sautéed Tiger Prawns and Fish Fillet with Superior Fish Broth and Vermicelli was easily one of my faves for the night. A scrumptious mix of prawns and fish on a bed tasty vermicelli that has well absorbed the goodness of the fish broth.
(皇 袍 加 身) 鱼 汤 三 旺 蛋 煮 鲜 虾 鱼 球 
I did think that the Stir-Fried Hong Kong Kai Lan with Crispy Vegetarian Dumplings looked like a money tree. And the vegetarian dumplings were basically bags of gold and money. Auspicious!
 (翡 翠 黄 金) 姜 汁 炒 芥 兰 伴 素 石 榴
Yee-Fu Noodles with Assorted Fresh Mushrooms and Truffle Oil. Yes you read it correctly. Truffle oil in the noodles! The noodles were flavourful on its own and the added touch of truffle gave this dish a delightful earthy nuance. 
(腰 缠 万 贯) 鲜 菇 土 菌 油 焖 伊 面
After a very lavish meal, its always good to clear the palates. Some prefer to smoke. I prefer to leave it to the desserts to do their jobs:D

Homemade Kiwi Beancurd with Mango Puree a piece of soft flavourful beancurd. Eating the beancurd with some mango puree has a nice sweet tangy feel to it. Refreshing!
(青 春 長 駐) 香 芒 奇 异 果 豆 腐
A lovely new must have is always the nian gao. This sticky and sweet rice cake also symbolises an increment in prosperity. At Kim Ma, the Baked Chinese Glutinous New Year Cake with Sugar Crisp was a delightful parcel of nian gao hiding under the buttery sugar crisp. The sugar crisp wasn;t overly sweet and complimented the fragrant nian gao well. 
(年 年 高 升) 菠 萝 酥 年 糕
inside every golden nugget was a beautiful sweet nian gao.
Before I arrived for dinner, I was told that my meal at award winning Kim Ma Cantonese Fusion Restaurant in Palace of the Golden Horses will be different from many others that I have experienced. 

Post meal I will have to say yes it was definitely different! It wasn't just about the looks and taste. What really impressed me was the decision to use fresh vegetable from the organic farm located at the hotel itself. And our meal that night was nothing overly salty or oily. A reflection of Chef Roy (slim and fit) who actually told us he hardly eats after 8pm and if he does, its always healthy greens or a really great dish that requires him to forgo his "no food after 8pm" discipline. I must add that the menu also involved  Dr. Jia, the famous TCM practitioner of Golden Horses Health Sanctuary Wellness.
This CNY, head off to Kim Ma for a regal reunion dinner with your loved ones, friends or business associates! Prices are RM880.00++, RM988.00++, RM1,188.00++ and RM1,488.00++ per table of ten  people. The promotion is valid from now till 6th February 2012.
Kim Ma Cantonese Fusion Restaurant
Lobby level
Palace of the Golden Horses
Jalan Kuda Emas
MINES Wellness City
43300 Sri Kembangan
T: 603 8946 4888