Springtime Blossoms at West Lake Garden

Reunion lunches and dinners this CNY at West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant is almost akin to visiting someone's very warm and cozy Oriental home. Beautiful ornate wooden furnitures and a beautiful fun water theme park scenery (in a traditional case this would have been a lake or a pond).  And its in such beautiful setting that I relish another beautiful course of reunion yummies this springtime.

We toss the King Pu with Hokkaido Scallops Yee Sang. Sliced scallops with some gold dust akin to gold coins, this was one pretty yee sang when we tossed as the gold gave little glitter to the rest of the other ingredients. So we toss and make our wishes of different sorts. Hmmmm the mother of all wishes? Grant us all our heart's wishes:D
"gold coins"
bits of gold dust all over the yee sang:D
I actually drank the Double Boiled Superior Shark’s Fins Soup with Japanese Scallops and Fish Maw. Yes its with shark's fin but once again the broth is actually chicken based so I took out all the fins and passed them on to my neighbour Xiang. I love soups and this one is yet another good bowl of awesome goodness:D
Deep-fried Crispy Yin Yang Chicken was a pretty platter. Sweet and sour tender chicken cubes in a basket of vermicelli with generous topping of pine nuts for that added crunch and exquisite flavour. This basket is surrounded by pieces of crispy roasted chicken skin over a mixture of fish and prawn base with a delightful base of slivered almonds.
I love the Braised 8 Headed Abalones with Black Moss, Dried Oysters and Cabbage. This was delightfully sweet with the goodness of soft cabbage that had soaked up the beautiful juices of the abalone and oyster. A gratifying dish for me!
The Steamed Estuary Garoupa with Shredded Ginger and Dried Fruit Peel has been one of the best fish dish that I have encountered. Tender slices of fish infused with glorious fruit peel and ginger flavours. The chewy skin was very popular with the ladies at the table as Master Chef Ken Lee told us that the skin is rich in gelatine which is good for our skin. Hehehe obviously I took extra helpings of it:P
Steamed Freshwater Prawns with Garlic and Glass Noodles is super yummy. Love the vermicelli that has soaked up the sweet prawn juices and fragrant garlic bits. Yummeh!
Claypot Rice with Waxed Duck and Mushrooms was quite delicious actually. The meats were of course salty and it was complimented with the rice that would be consider bland if eaten on its own. But together, they made a perfect pair.
Dessert of Sweetened Lotus Paste with Lily Bulbs was delightfully fragrant and not overly sweet. Each bowl had a glutinous rice ball with sweet black sesame filling. 
Glutinous Rice Dumplings shaped like a mandarin orange with red bean filling did feel a little like having lotus skin mooncakes:P The nian gao was yummy and I would gladly have eaten more if not for the desiccated coconut (I don't quite like desiccated coconut).
Choose from Master Chef Ken Lee's 4 menus RM1,188++, RM,388++, RM1,688++ and RM2,012++ for a table of 10 persons. And if you like what I ate, that's the Golden Dragon priced at RM1,688++. These menus are available for lunch and dinner until 6th February 2012.
T: +603 7495 1888

PS: This festive season, Malaysia's youngest illusionist Victor will be making his way around the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa restaurants. This is one friendly illusionist who is friendly and works his charms with the old and young.