I heard so much of Its the leading food guide in Singapore and Hongkong. And now they are in Malaysia too. Hop over to check out a listing of 12,000 places to eat...and the list is still growing. 

For those wondering what is OpenRice or why the name OpenRice? I reckon its a direct translation of a Cantonese slang that is used widely in Hong Kong 开饭  which means let's start eating.

And for us foodies, this is a great opportunity to be part of the Openrice community. Join them and put in your reviews (I've done 2 so far) and be rewarded for your efforts. Every piece of review has a reward. The more we review the better the rewards. And I know they have makan vouchers, shopping vouchers, movie tickets, air tickets and quite a bit up for grabs.

For none bloggers, this will be your opportunity to go through the guide on what and where to eat. And yes, you can put in your own reviews and be rewarded too!
I am thankful that it is a simple process to register. And I can upload my choice pics...
And even easier to write a review.
you can opt to upload 8 pictures in one go
preview your review
submit and wait for the approval within a couple of hours 
Here's my review on Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ which I submitted when I was craving this favourite chill out place of mine.
So wait no more...head in there peeps!

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