Alexander Shorokhoff Watches

I love watches and I love morning coffee sessions. One fine morning at Bistro 42 I was invited to a morning coffee session hosted by Red Army Watches of which they showcased the Alexander Shorokhoff Avantgarde collection of watches.
The Avantgarde collection introduces three new time pieces - Avantgarde Chronograph C01, Avantgarde Regulator R01 and Avantgarde Automatic, all of which pays homage to the 1960s with prominent 60 numerals displayed on the dial face.
Why 60?

Alexander Shorokhoff replies "I’m a child of the sixties. It was a fascinating era. There was The Beatles who revolutionised music, John. F. Kennedy was elected the youngest President of the United States and the first man landed on the moon. All of which precipitated a vanguard aura of change.” He also reiterated the symbolism of his number of choice for the collection. “60 seconds amount to a whole minute and 60 minutes make a full hour,” he elaborates. “I recall the chiming of church clocks at hourly intervals during my childhood that reminds me of the transience nature of time. It has been the catalyst that initiated my fascination with horology.”
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I mentioned morning coffee here's what I had. Rather yummy and coupled with the cozy set up, I shall return soon:P
PS: perhaps one could consider the Alexander Shorokhoff watch for Valentine's Day? Although its only for men, it looks really good on ladies who want something big and bolder than the usual ladies watches.