Eating Yogurt Made Easy

Simply colourful, yummy and healthy
Eating yogurt really is a simple thing because it is simply yummy and healthy. Most importantly, it is good for our guts as it puts back the good fellas (bacterias) into our stomach or balances our stomach acids that can be upset with our choice of food, stress, illness or medication. 

Last year after my hospital stay for a strange viral attack (read here), I had pretty much lost my appetite for some time and it only progressively resumed when I started taking yogurt daily. Imagine me be filed with only 2 mouthful of solids. Crazy!

back to the does one make eating yogurt easy? 
• Start with flavoured yogurt like mango ones
• Or have a yogurt drink instead of eating yogurt
• Add in choice fruits or nuts as toppings

Implemented the above and voila...I have converted hubster into a yogurt lover. Now he eats plain yogurt (but with fruit and nuts toppings).