Energizer Night Race Malaysia 2012

I ran in the Energizer Night Race last year. It was a fabulous and maddening experience (read more here). Though the event itself was kinda messed up by the event organiser, the run itself was nevertheless a very good and fun experience. Afterall its not everyday that I get to walk or run on Sepang International Circuit. Driving on it during our track sessions is a different ball game altogether. 
Yesterday, Energizer Malaysia launched the brand new website for Energizer Night Race 2012 The much awaited race is on Saturday 21st April 2012.
This year’s race will be held at the Sepang International Circuit for the second time on the 21st of April this year, and will be open to 5,000 participants. The race will have three categories – 42km, 15.5km and 5.5km – which involve running on the iconic Sepang International Circuit racetrack in part or in its entirety.

Answering questions from the crowd including yours truly, we were assured that last year's misadventure would not repeat itself.  To start it on the right foot, Twenty-First Century Sports Sdn Bhd has been appointed as the race organiser and director after considering feedback from previous participants as well as the company’s experience and track record. Twenty First Century Sports is a sports event specialist with an expertise in major road races and marathons, especially night races including last October's Putrajaya Night Marathon.

And for further assurance, here's a recap of some of the commitment given:
Water stations every 2.5km. And if we were to look into it totality, we can expect approxiamtely 30 water stations for the 3 categories.
• Assured plentiful directional markers and in case we have people who think its funny to mess with directional markers, this event will see marshals and volunteers being placed strategically to assist runners.
Spectators will not be joining the runners in the paddock and track area for the run. Instead they will be watching from the grandstand. Activities and refreshments will also be offered  at the mall area.
• Addressing the "tunnel of death", the tunnels will be ventilated this time. To make it safer, only runners will be walking through this tunnel. 
Running clinics will be held in March 2012 to prepare runners. So stay tuned!
• The run is only opened to 5,000 runners this years. Yes the number has been halved as Energizer and Twenty First Century Sports want to get back to basics i.e. runners' safety first.
Timing chips will be provided for 15.5km and 42km runners.
• This year's run has been designed with 3 categories to avoid runners confusion. 

And for every successful registration, RM10 will be donated to Kiwanis Malaysia. With every purchase of Energizer battery packs from March to May this year. With every pack sold, 30 sen will be set aside for the contribution to Kiwanis Malaysia. Energizer’s key distributors and business partners have also pledged donations that will see Energizer and Kiwanis are targeting fund raising of RM340,000 via this 3 channels.

All that being said, I have registered myself to run 15.5km this year. This would be a good motivation for me to work towards my half marathon target for 2012. And I reckon I should be able to run quite well with the new orange tee. It looks energetic and coupled with my Agel supplements that has arrived..I am hoping for a good run. And if you're keen for a run on Sepang International Circuit, hop over to and register. Hurry! Its only 5,000 runners this year! Entries close Friday 23rd March 2012 or earlier when the 5,000 spaces has been filled.