Favola Italian Restaurant

Over the CNY long weekend a few of us gathered to makan and to celebrate Marcus' birthday. We opted to celebrate at Favola, Le Meredien for some Italian food in a warm and rustic renaissance era setting. 

All 6 of us arrived within minutes of each other and as we figured out way through the menu except for hubster whom we both have pre decided that his main will be the Charcoal Grilled Black Angus Ribeye since hubster isn't much into looking into menus and scratching his head to make decisions of what to eat.

Sadly while we were chatting and deciding what mains to order, the breads did not arrive for us to nibble. The good part? Our still and sparkling water arrived as soon as we were sat down but not without a hefty RM26 per bottle of the Sparkling and Still Water. Unfortunately it took them almost 20 minutes to serve hubster his Ballantine's 12 years from the time he placed his order.
Lovely breads but we all wished it was served earlier instead of arriving together with 
our appetizers and pizza.
a scotch while waiting
I must credit Favola for serving the Capesante Scottat in 6 pieces taking into consideration that there was 6 of us on the table. The previous experience was 5 pieces for 2 persons. Succulent juicy scallops coupled with the intriguing earthiness of truffles made this the perfect first dish to arrive.
Since we are all ordering meat based dishes, we decided that the Favola would be a good idea. Perfectly thin pizza with a generous topping of fresh mozzarella and Parmesan cheese with olive oil and basil pesto, this is a very addictive choice. I wouldn't mind ordering a second if I had not taken a late lunch at 4pm when dinner was 7pm. 
We didn't want to waste too much time on deciding what to eat, so we took the shortcut with Chef's Antipasti which a platter of 5 Freddo (cold) antipasti. Confession. I missed out a closed up pic of the Caprese (buffalo mozzarella, tomato, basil, garlic confit and oregano).
Bruschetta (smoked salmon, tomato salsa, buffalo mozzarella and porcini ragoût)
Rucola e Salsiccia Anatra (arugula, sliced pear, gorgonzola cheese, duck sausage
and toasted walnut)

Seafood Salad (garlic, chili-olive oil, lemon juice and Italian parsley)
Octopus (garlic, chili flakes, sea salt and olive oil)
Birthday boy opted for the Beef Lasagna al Forno and it was good. I wouldn't expect lasagna to possibly go wrong in a Italian restaurant with good reviews. A rich thick cheese crust is the perfect cover for a luxurious filling of chunky Wagyu beef cheek in a bolognese preparation with a delightful finish of truffle oil.
My choice was Anatra Affumicata with with fresh Parpadelle. Pasta was a tad soft for my liking. It wasn't a case of fresh pasta being softer as I have tasted el dente ones at Garibaldi. However I wouln't complain much as it was very delicious result of smoked duck accentuated with basil, chili, garlic flakes and Portobello mushrooms. Think it was one of the faves for the night too.
Hitomi ordered the Anatra Affumicata too but opted for the Squid Ink Tagliolini which she felt didn't quite turn out well like mine. Again a tad too soft and she wasn't able to detect any of the delightful sea saltiness that we associate with squid ink. And this was even before she tooka  bite of the smoked duck.
Meiyee ordered the Conchiglioni Marinara al Cartoccio whch arrived in a pretty parcel. Shell pasta in a tangy creamy base of tomato and Parmesan cheese with seafood, this would have been my choice if I have not seen smoked duck on the menu.
Lionel and hubster both had the 340g Charcoal Grilled Black Angus Ribeye. Juicy and perfectly medium rare, this is one steak that I will return for although I have been advised to go to Prime instead. However if I am back for the pizza, I might as well opt for the Black Angus as well.
Overall a very good meal in a brilliant setting except for some "service" issues. And perhaps staff at Favola should take into consideration that their chairs are rather heavy. So when one is ushering a petite 43kg diner like me, they should at least have the courtesy to pull my chair for me!

Level 8
Le Meredien Kuala Lumpur

Happy birthday Marcus!