Kim Gary

The Kim Gary franchise has been around for quite some years. And these days they seemed to have pretty much mushroomed everywhere although a few closed e.g. Avenue K. I have not stepped into one since my Japanese lessons days some 9 or 10 years back. But one blue day, I missed my late classmate Grace whom I used to eat with before classes that I decided that I wanted to eat at the Sungai Wang branch.

The place was still as packed as those days. Its still as loud as those days. The waiters and waitress were still young and still on some sugar rush mode:P I wondered if everything stays the same or pretty much the same? 

For starters, the Hong Kong milk tea was still good. Tasty tea with creamy milk. And this fits me well since I don't have a sweet tooth and I merely add the sugar according to my preference. Brilliant!
The Borsch soup was also still good. Still filled with chunky but soft vegetables in a tangy tomato broth. Comfort food!
This comes with some set meals
The Hong Kong Cheese Baked Rice with Pork tasted the same. Nothing to shout about but it was decently good compared to many of the new eateries that are offering this dish. It was cheesy and had enough gravy:D
One other gripe...the menu has expanded and its quite confusing. Pop in one day and you'll be faced with the regular menus, promotion menus, members only menu and when it comes to ordering...have fun figuring out which form you should use. LOL. Caution...the website is much simpler than their physical menu:P

My nostalgic visit was a culture shock for husbter who is pretty much stepping into Kim Gary for teh second time of his entire life. The one in Avenue K being his first and 3 years later in Sungai Wang. The poor man could not figure out the menu nor did the menu help him decide what to eat and drink. So the usual works..."Inky pinky ponky, father bought a donkey. Donkey died. Father cried. Inky pinky ponky"

...and the hubster ends up with some Mango thingy with some aloe vera like cubes inside. Certainly mango like and very sweet:P

For food, he ended up with Roasted Honey Spare Ribs with Shanghai Style Vegetable Rice. The corn was certainly yummy! I wouldn't complain much of the ribs. It was tasty but a tad dry. fast food style...I suppose.
This place is a place of weird hits and misses but certainly it has lasted quite well in Malaysia which speaks well of its formula. But if at all a must have when one visits Kim Gary by choice or curiosity or no choice, then its has to be the milk tea, the borsch soup and of course the luncheon meat sandwich (and I actually returned for this combination 2 days back in Taman Maluri when client was late for our appointment)
Simple easy to make but yummy luncheon meat sandwich
The luncheon meat is tasty rather than than the cheap flour like ones that many places serve.