Original Recipe Briyani at Restoran Ismail

Restoran Ismail in TTDI has been one of our regular haunts for nasi briyani in town the last few years. I would not say that it is the best in town but it is good enough to justify a return trips. And strangely without fail, we will order the chicken briyani.

The briyani rice is cooked with basmati rice. Flavourful and less starchy than regular rice if you hate the idea of carboloading, then this is a place for you to carboload in peace:P The fried chicken is lightly marinated and nothing overpowering. My fave is always the crunchy skin and batter. Sinful but yes its worth it:P
At Restoran Ismail, the acar (pickled vegetable) isn't the regular ones. It has a slight chilly sauce to it. Sounds unappealing but it taste good. I have a habit of asking for an extra serving as the cucumber is nice and crisp.
The dhall is lovely with a chunky soft vegetables in it. I supposed this is a way of making up for eating too much fried chicken?
Or perhaps opt for the fish curry. It is also very delightful. Again its not overly spicy making it quite suitable for those with lighter tastebuds 
And when one visits this place, look all the way to the back of the eatery beside the window. You'll see a motivation word of the day. The latest that I see is "Trouble brings experience and experience brings wisdom". I wonder what's the next one when I visit?
Restoran Ismail Sdn Bhd
22, Jalan Tun Mohd. Fuad
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
Kuala Lumpur