Room Eighteen @ Berjaya Times Square

We visited Room Eighteen in Berjaya Times Square after a lovely Chocolate Spa treat. We were all hungry and we need food with different "requirements".

Hungry and while waiting, we were served these slightly spicy chips. Yummy but not a good idea if you're nursing a bad throat which is quite common after all the CNY goodies and Mandarin Oranges.
Food was decently prompt but the services was certainly "blur". Imagined being served your food minus any spoon for you to eat your food. Think fried rice and soupy noodles:P

The Signature Pumpkin Fried Rice smelt and definitely tasted good. Rice is not overly wet or oily and had  delightful bits of ripe sweet pumpkin in every bite. 
I can't think of what could possibly go wrong with the Prawn Wanton Noodle in Hot Soup which I reckon nothing went wrong since William quite happily slurped everything up.

Hubster's Trio Combination Noodle looked promising. Unfortunately the roast pork was no where crispy which is such a downer. There was nothing special with the gravy either and I think I would prefer the ones at Nippy Noodle House  anytime over this.
Merryn ordered Bakuteh Noodle. Not the best in town but its certainly not the worst. It didn't seem to have enough of the meaty goodness which makes a bakuteh good. It had the necessary tofu pok , mushroom and of course meat but it stopped there.
See what I meant that food is decently prompt? I order Pumpkin Congee (as an add on under their Hot Stone menu for RM3) but it never arrived till I reminded them 5 minutes after I received my Hot Stone Spring Chicken and Wanton Soup. Again the soup lacked any meaty goodness. It somehow tasted more like a light herbal spring onion soup. Granted that the spring chicken was really yummy and tender. Wanton was good but nothing to shout about.
Pumpkin Congee was good. Creamy pumpkin well blended with the porridge, this could be a good porridge on its own but I certainly had no idea why was the wait so long:P
The Hot Stone menu also allows me to have the Chilled White Fungus and Dried Longan drink for RM1. This is a good buy and it certainly tasted good.
Room Eighteen at Berjaya Times Square is a mixture of hits and misses. I have tasted better food at the other outlets of Room Eighteen.