Roti Ice Cream

I revisited a childhood favourite in Penang Botanical Gardens during the Berjaya 3,2,1-Stop media trip to Penang. Roti Ice Cream. Yes the good old ice cream that you eat as a sandwich or in a cone. Nothing beats a cold creamy ice cream on a hot day or even during a walk in the park. 
This stall has been here for as long as I could remember. And this time around, we arrived at the park at almost 12 noon. Hot and a lil hungry, the ice cream was such a welcoming sight. I would have loved to have my ice cream sandwich but realised I was half hour from lunch. No way would I want to ruin my appetite for Penang yummies. So I opted for a cone like buddy Abel.
Ice cream are in blocks
Single flavour
Abel's happy ice cream moments
The next time you visit Penang and if you visit the Botanical Gardens, then this ice cream sandwich is a must try. Nothing like Haagen Dazs or Baskin Robbins or Gelare but its just a simple ice cream...happy food from our childhood.
that's me...missyblurkit and my double scoop ice cream
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