Super GT Fever

I tweeted last night that my Super GT fever has begun and concerned friends asked what fever? Every year when the Super GT (previously known as the All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship ~ JGTC) season starts, my fever begins. The best of this fever is because its not a race that I have to watch on TV (which I can if I want) or fly over to Japan (I don't mind if Moolah God gives me my "visa") but more so for RM100 I actually watch it and breathe in the adrenalin of the race smack before my eyes (and ears).

Pics taken as a paying spectator from 2010 (no pics from earlier years as I never bothered with something called the camera):

Here's some pics from over last year which I shot. Yes some pics were taken smack beside the circuit as I finally earned myself a media pass after following the race for 10 years.
some of the cars that contributed to the Malaysian Book of Records for the largest gathering of sports and performance cars

Super GT cars in action

 super gt folks in action

Check out the full set of pictures:
Super GT 2011 - Round 3
Super GT 2011 Round 3 - Album 2
Super GT 2011 Round 3 - Album 3
• Super GT 2011 Round 3 - Album 4
Super GT 2011 Round 3 - Album 5

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