Afternoon Tea at Harrods

On a rainy afternoon, its always good for the soul to have an afternoon tea. Over the week, I managed to sneak some time off from work and caught up with the girls for an afternoon tea at Harrods KLCC courtesy of SKINFOOD. It wasn't just about food for our bodies, but of course food for the skin, chats about kids, pregnancy and of course the weather.
Registered ourselves and received my door gift. afternoon tea with the girls and a door gift upon arrival. Sweet...and it certainly took away all the gloomy rain on a Friday afternoon. And it certainly cheered me up after my weeks of late nights working on a couple of projects.
I was shown my seat. Loved the immaculately set table. Saying Hello to Harrods...
Coffee or tea? It has to be coffee to keep me awake (which I realised later on that it was totally unnecessary). 
A the tray of yummies arrive. It was a lovely platter of scones, finger sandwiches and assorted cakes. I ate everything. Now this sounds so wrong because it sounds like I finished everything on the platter. Let's rephrase. I tried everything on the platter. Sounds better right?
And the fave was the scones. The scones had a delightful crust. It was just right and crumbly when I cut it. Served with luxurious Devonshire Cream (also known as clotted cream) and 2 types of jams, this is one  of the best scones for the longest time (unless I bake them myself:P)
nicely crusted
fluffy and crumbly
Our tummies filled, SKINFOOD kicks starts our food for the skin session. They had us all nicely warmed up by starting the session with prizes. First it was door gifts. Then it was prizes for super easy questions. Yours truly won for answering what are the basic regime for skincare...easy peasy:
(1) Cleanse
(2) Tone
(3) Moisturise
And for that effort, I win a set of the GoldKiwi Premium Set. This comes in handy since I am due to shop for a new skincare range (girls never seem to do this enough).
SKINFOOD now has a new line of BB cream named the Good Afternoon range. And isn't it delightful and apt that we were introduced to this new line over an afternoon tea? 

What does BB Cream stand for? BB cream is also known as Blemish Balm. I shall not try explaining it myself and will quote Wikipedia:
Originally formulated in Germany by Dr. med. Christine Schrammek in 1967 it was initially used by dermatologists to help laser surgery patients protect, soothe and refine highly sensitive skin while providing light coverage for post-laser scars, acne and other blemishes.[citation needed] Although BB cream was not specifically created for the Asian market, it provided a solution to a common skin problem for many Asians: impure skin. The cream eventually found its way into a broad mainstream market when Korean actresses recommended it publicly.

BB creams come in a variety of different formulations and qualities mainly perceived as being anti-inflammatory, regenerative and having a soothing effect. Some are said to have skin whitening or brightening properties. Others are said to be anti-acne or anti-wrinkle, some are intended to even out skin tone, and yet others to lighten blemish scars. BB creams are sometimes used like a primer under foundation, and if tinted may supposedly replace foundation and some newer ones are advertised as having functions of primer, foundation, moisturizer, sun block, pore minimization and skin refining together, making them an economic skin care solution.

The Good Afternoon line has 5 types to suite our different skin types. SKINFOOD Good Afternoon BB Cream variants are all enriched with various tea extracts for a long-lasting vibrant complexion. Choose from the following:
• Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB SPF 20 PA+ (30g/RM38.90) contains moisturizing honey and skin-firming red tea extract to keep skin soft and glowing.
• Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB SPF 20 PA+ (30g/RM38.90) contains vitamin-rich peach and  oil-controlling green tea, promoting a fresh matte complexion all day long.
• Good Afternoon Rose Lemon Tea BB SPF20 PA+ (30 g RM38.90) contains revitalizing rose and hydrating lemon tea for a firm, dewy complexion.
• Good Afternoon Apple Cinnamon Tea BB SPF 36 PA++ (30 g/RM38.90) contains skin-brightening apple and detoxifying cinnamon tea along with clinically proven skin lighteners to promote a bright complexion with a subtle glow.
• Good Afternoon Berry Berry Tea BB SPF35 PA++ (30 g/RM38.90) contains the anti-aging superfood, acai berry, and raspberry tea along with clinically proven wrinkle smootheners to keep skin smooth and firm.
SKINFOOD Good Afternoon BB Cream claims to contain soft-focus blooming powder and oil absorbing powder, help to maintain bright makeup looks all day long while providing daily sun protection and good coverage for uneven complexions. Their textures range from illuminating to matte for different skin types and different makeup looks.

So is this true? This picture of me taken during the recent St Patrick's day media launch speak well for the product itself. All I did was to use the BB Cream Berry Berry Tea with SPF35 PA++ and applied some loose powder. 10 hours after application, I have to say that despite the lack of sleep and all day meetings, my skin still looked rather fresh.

This was taken yesterday on Day 9 of my 3 hours of sleep each day. Not too bad right? I am advocating 3 hours daily sleep stunts, but when work beckons, this is what I have to do. And being a girl (a little vain too) I will need some help to mask the bad skin till I get my sane sleeping hours back. 
Regime: cleanse + toner + moisturise + BB cream + loose powder
The afternoon tea session also saw us picking up tips on makeup and of course playing with SKINFOOD products. I've picked up quite a bit of tips which I hope to apply. This has been a good reminder of what I learnt about looking good i.e. lazy and looking good does not go hand in hand (read more here).

These products smell so good that I was quite tempted to eat some e.g. this Honey Red Orange Mask which contains Manuka Honey.
To know more about the SKINFOOD Good Afternoon BB Cream, hop over to and do also check out their Facebook page
These were the yummilicious skin care that I brought home with me. Haha...of course the pearl necklace isn't yummilicious, but it mad eme a happy girl as I now have another pearl item in my collection of pearlies (I have quite a collection of pearl accessories). THANX to Merryn for the goodies pics and I have totally forgotten about it:P