Beer, Guinness and Durians

Today as we cleared the room for our new toy, I noted an ice box and remembered my birthday celebrations last year of beer, Guinness and durians in one go. Some say crazy. Some say insane. I think it was an awesome poolside celebration pieced together by my pals.

Came home early after dinner since hubster had a tummy ache (this I learnt was part of the plot). Oliver calls me when I am home and says he has bought me durians for helping him rescue his wedding pictures. 
Sultan and Cat Hill King
Then Gladys calls up not long later for me to go downstairs to pick up some stuff that she baked for Shalom. Ahem bunch of pals Lilian, Yeo, Lawrence, Jo, Gladys, Harrison and Mike were  downstairs complete with balloons, more durians, beer, Guinness and of course a birthday cake:D Thanx folks! 
Balloons, Guinness and a cake seems innocent. The pink plastic bad has more durians.
Guinness and Beer
It certainly felt normal eating durians and having some alcohol. It didn't feel strange although it did seem a tad warmer but that was about it. We all survived:P No one had a heart attack...we just had lots of fun and laughter and all work up for work as usual even though we wrapped up at 1am plus.
Yummeh (well last year I loved durians...not this year though)!
PS:  It was on this very fateful say that my pals witnessed Shalom's ability to differentiate durian grades (read more here). The Sultan grade is considered an almost no go for her. The video says it all. The one that she enthusiastically laps up is Cat Hill King. Friends also noted that she wasn't bothered with us when we started on the Sultan ones. But as soon as we opened up the Cat Hill King, she ran towards us and sat smack in front of the durians.

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