Berjaya Langkawi Resort

A continuation of my Berjaya 3,2,1-Stop @ BHR adventures. We flew into Langkawi Island on a private chartered Berjaya Air flight (read more here). Cocooned in a lush rainforest with a breathtaking view of the Andaman Sea, I was breathing in seriously fresh air. I'll write more on this resort's rainforest in a separate post.
At Berjaya Resort Langkawi one can opt for chalets or the suites with the sea dancing under you or the studio and chalets at the rainforest. I had the Rainforest Chalet set on a hill with trees as my neighbours. It was brilliantly serene and with a beautiful view too.
My chalet is the 2nd from the right
View from my chalet

I posted a picture of my room on my Facebook wall when I checked in and friends asked "how come I had 2 single beds". This is good as I normally work on my bed. This combined single beds is brilliant because my laptop, hard disk, cameras etc could sleep on one bed while the one was reserved strictly for me to sleep. 

Moving around the resort is simple. Walk...or call for your pickup. I've pretty much walked most times except when I went to the Ayura Spa for my pampering sessions. One can walk around the resort and discover a variety of nature’s wildlife all around the resort. Kingfishers, Great Hornbill and Long Tailed Macaques are a common sight on this resort.

the lazy option:P
its so green and pretty that I preferred to walk most times (yes even during the night)

This resort also offers a rejuvenating escapade with Ayura Spa which boost of outdoor hot and cold water pools nestled in the middle of a rainforest. A soak in the outdoor pool during the night is brilliantly fun as we discovered when we opted to be water babies after our dinner. I will recommend that you take a soak in the pools at Ayura Spa before you head in for your massage session. 
Outdoor pool and jacuzzi
Natural ingredients are used

We did move around the island a bit which I'll share on another post (or posts). On this resort itself, one can just happily stay within this resort and simply chill. 2 nights wasn't quite enough but I certainly played quite a bit by the beach. We did not take pics when we went canoeing at the emerald green sea since I don't own a water casing for any of my cameras. But canoeing was so fun that my canoeing buddy Michael and I did it for 2 days:D 
I've done parasailing when I was in Australia. However, doing it this round during sunset was simply amazing and different. 

And if you wanna chill by the beach...this is it. 
Plenty of deck chairs
Opt for your massage by the beach:D

Before we checked out, we just had to have our pool session (again) under the bright blue sky. Nice cool water and some cocktails and good company...I am missing it all!
Cocktails at the Sunken Pool Bar

You may want to consider Berjaya Langkawi Resort for your next holiday on Langkawi Island. 
Berjaya Langkawi Resort - Malaysia
Burau Bay
T:+604)959 1888
Taken from the Beach Restaurant during brekkie
Also taken from the Beach Restaurant
Chess anyone?

Water activities also includes paddle boats, banana boats, canoeing, snorkelling,
jet ski and para sailing.
Walkies time!
Accommodation amongst lush trees